Why is Donald Trump President

  • By aga
  • 19 Nov, 2016

What the beep happened?!?!?!?

It's been about a week now and it still hasn't quite sunk in. The President of the most powerful country in the world is the dude that from the reality TV show that likes to grab women by their private parts...How did this happen? The media assured us that Hilary Clinton was going to be president, after all, she is the first women and she's been working in government for a long time.

What if the media was actually reporting false polls and exaggerating the interest in Hilary in order to discourage Trump supporters to vote? Nah, that wouldn't explain why people would ignore his racism and complete lack of experience. Unless...Maybe..Maybe he's not racist and that was also the media blowing up non-stories.

Maybe it was rigged, after all, Hillary did win the popular vote...Since neither candidate was campaigning for the popular vote, that is absolutely irrelevant (Would be like the losing team at the super bowl demanding that they use golf rules). I actually think it was rigged, it just wasn't rigged enough, that would explain why Hilary had no losing speech ready. She must have been aware how far she was actually behind, she was speaking to half empty rooms while Trump was filling stadiums and if anyone knew what the real polls were saying it would be her. Anyway, that's just an irrelevant theory, no point dwelling on it now. although I do think it would be a good idea for the president to actually investigate the election so if there is anything shady going on then it can be addressed before the next election, otherwise we might end up with President Kanye West.

So why did Trump win?

The popular reasons are:

  • Most Americans are racists
    • Did racists support and vote for Trump? Absolutely they did. If you are really racist, chances are you're pretty dumb, if you constantly tell racist people which candidate is racist, who do you think they are going to vote for? The slightly smarter racists likely voted for Hilary, if you truly are racist, then you are going to want to vote for the candidate who supports policies that keep minorities in poverty. so basically Trump got the dumb racists and Hilary got the slightly less dumb racists since that's a wash, that can't be the reason she lost.
  • American are ill-informed (AKA idiots)
    • Ill-informed is just a politically correct way of saying dumb and yes, dumb people voted for Trump, just like they voted for Hilary. Problem is, who is really well informed? we all have access to the same information, and it takes a lot of time to fact check everything the media is feeding us. If we had the time to research every little detail and make the well-informed decision on everything, why would we need government? both Trump and Hilary supporters and voters are not as informed as they should be. So that is also not the reason.
  • Americans are not as progressive as one would hope
    • This is true, people on the left are so focused on being progressive that they never take the time to consider what we are progressing to. Progressive issues like where somebody can go the bathroom and should businesses be forced to service things that are against some people's beliefs have taken up a lot of time in the last few years, time that could have been better spent on more pressing issues. People could be ready for some of the issues that impact their day to day life to be resolved. So this, I think, was definitely a factor.
  • Americans can't get on board with a female president
    • I don't think anybody cares what is between the president's legs as long as it's not an intern. All people care about is what is between people's ears. We just had 8 years of a president who a lot of people admittedly voting for because he was is black. This election people were ready for a candidate regardless of color, sexual preference or gender. They had no problem voting for a woman, they just didn't want that woman.
  • Wikileaks
    • Wikileaks for sure played a part in this election and it shouldn't have. Wikileaks shouldn't even exist, however, it exists because people are negligent and corrupt. if you are neither of these things then there would have been nothing for WikiLeaks to expose. If Wikileaks plays a part in Hillary's defeat, it's because of the contents of the Wikileaks dumps, not because of Wikileaks. 
  • The FBI re-opening an investigation so close to election day
    • Again, if there was nothing to investigate then this would not be an issue. Did it effect the election? I'm sure it did and rightly so. 
  • The Electoral College
    • This is irrelevant, neither candidate was campaigning for the popular vote of the entire country, they were campaigning for 51 separate popular votes, They both knew this going in and campaigned accordingly. 
  • The "Alt-Right" media
    • When George Bush was in office, the Alt-Right media was just called alternative media. for the most part, it is pretty non-biased. yes, there is extreme left and right views depending on where you look, not all the information is factual and some are way out there. That being said, isn't that the way the media is supposed to be? The viewer becomes part of the process, further researching and personally investigating the things that they find interesting, instead of just having prepackaged news stories forced on them that may or may not be true. Mainstream media has let everyone down and are no longer trusted, this did effect the election and hopefully, it will continue to affect future elections until we have trustworthy news sources again.

I'm my opinion and that's all this is.
  1. Trump won because people are tired of being called racists, homophobes and whatever another buzzword simply because they have a different perspective. These words have been devalued and are now meaningless.
  2. Trump won because people are tired of having their needs overlooked in favor of the latest trendy cause.
  3. Trump won because he was against the arguably one of the most experienced politicians ever to run for president and also the most corrupt.
  4. And Trump won because the people of this country voted for the guy whose slogan was make America great again and not I'm with her.
Finally, I supported Trump, I liked his approach, I forgave when he was not factual, I like that he owes nobody but us and I feel through all his BS he genuinely loves this country, the people and the system our founders had in mind. However, that was candidate Donald Trump, President of the united states of America Donald Trump is going to be held to a higher standard. His first priority needs to be to heal the division in this country and make it united again before he starts to make it great again. Everyone needs to be included in this new America and not just the people that voted for him.
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