White Privilege

  • By aga
  • 01 Jun, 2016
I've been spending a lot of time lately looking into white privilege, mainly because it keeps getting brought up.

I can only speak based on my experience and since I have not received any privilege payments, had any secret meetings or even got a free dessert at Denny's because of my pasty skin, I think it's safe to assume this kind of privilege just don't exist.

However there is one privilege I have come across that seems exclusive to white people and it sucks!

White people have no harsh racial slurs or stereotypes. Every other color has some great slurs and lots of stereotypes we can throw at them in banter but the only thing they have to throw back at us is calling us racist...really? You're gonna lump me in with a bunch of mentally lacking psychopaths that have murdered millions for no other reason than having a different skin pigmentation? Kind of harsh don't you think?

Imagine if you made fun of my hair and my comeback was to publicly announce that you were a pedophile. Do you see how that might sting a little? As privileges go, white people got the short end of the stick. We have two options to steer clear of any comments about race or be lumped in with Hitler...That don't seem like it's fair

Our so called privilege also affects other colors. Because most white people will steer clear of racial jokes and topics for fear of being called racist, actual “I want to hang a negro and gas a Jew” racist are not being exposed.

The best disinfectant is sunlight, by having everyone on a level footing when it comes to slurs and stereotypes, you will be able to identify true racist and these people can be shunned from society. Seriously, if we had never started self-censoring, racism might be gone by now.

So non-whites

You got some homework

You must all come up with some clever racial slurs and stereotypes for white people. Talk among yourselves and agree on a couple of good ones and the next time you see some racial banter hit them pasty caspers with some slurs of your own.

It will be great. Instead of crazy tension, we might all actually have some fun laughing at our differences instead of using them as a crutch.

White privileges sucks, let's end it….unless of course there is some checks and mine just haven't come in yet, in which case ignore what I just typed. You can pay me to tolerate pretty much anything.
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