Liberals and Conservitives

Liberals and Conservatives 
Two sides, same coin
Divide and conquer. Everyone has heard this phrase and at some point in their life has probably used it to explain the actions of somebody other than themselves. 

The other side always falls for this tactic, but we are too smart.

If you just agreed to the above statement, I am going to need you to read it again.......and again and if you still didn't catch the logical fallacy of that statement, Before we can continue I'm going to need you to read it over and over until you do.

Get it? Good.

Until you realize that you're being manipulated for somebody else's gain, you will not know one second of freedom. people with conservative values and people with liberal values BOTH absolutely believe that they are on the right side. Guess what, they are both right.

Conservatives generally believe in small government, low taxes, the right to life and if you work hard enough you can achieve anything.

Liberals generally believe in government regulation, higher taxes people's right to do whatever they want with their own body and together we can achieve anything.

They are both right. 
A small government with its focus on the right things like regulating large business and protecting individual rights, taxing just enough to pay for the things the people need, life is a precious thing that needs to be protected but women also need to be allowed to make the choices that are right for them and working hard in a system that supports your efforts will benefit everyone. 

The best way to think about conservatives and liberals is conservatives are the father figures and liberals are the mother figures. The father figures want you to stand on your own feet and be strong enough to shake off any time you fall, whereas the mother figures are more nurturing and might want you to see a doctor instead of trying to walk off your broken leg.

So why do you think it is that we have both these important characters in our society and yet instead of everyone being lifted up we are continuing down this destructive road where both sides and getting bent over? 

Do you think it might be the driver?

We are on this destructive road trip, liberals looking out the left window, conservatives looking out the right window while the sociopathic driver gets switched out every 4-8 years. the people looking out the right window are going to have a completely different perspective than the people looking out the left window. The driver however will have a clear view of both perspectives but clearly don't give a fuck about where either of his passengers wants to go.

We can choose to stop listening to the people that only point out our differences because it takes the focus away from how much they are against us and instead focus on what we have in common. We will all get what we want, which is a society where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed and fail on their own merit. 

This car is currently not heading to the beach, if we were, both perspectives would be seeing palm trees by now. I don't see any palm trees, do you? I see people from countries most of us can't find on a map with bombs strapped to them, I see families sleeping in their cars, I see prisons populated by people who like to inhale smoke from a plant, I see single mothers everywhere, I see piles of dead babies and I'm pretty sure that is not the ocean I smell, smells more like sulfur and I think the AC might be broke because it's getting pretty damn hot in here. 

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