That shit will set you free
With all the information we are bombarded with on regular bases it is impossible to determine what is true and what is bullshit. Well it's actually not that hard, in fact, is pretty easy, everything you are told is bullshit and everything you are told is true. glad I could clear that up for you.

What? Are you still unsure? ok, i guess I will explain it a little better.

The best way to lie is with the truth, pure lies will always fall short because they lack any foothold in the reality of the situation. When somebody is lying about where they have been all day, they will wrap the lie in some situational truth. For example " I was working and hit some traffic on the way home" If this guy has a job that he commutes to then this lie can be believed because it is wrapped up in a truth, if however he is unemployed and don't have a car then this lie is not wrapped in any truth and becomes completely transparent. Lies have no substance, they are completely fabricated out of thin air, they need to be covered with something of substance. Truth has substance, it is connected to actual events, you can't see through truth because it is real.

If it's really easy to spot lies you have to wonder how so many people believe the lies they are being told every day. Yes, including you and me. 

The fact of the matter is we are being prepared from birth to believe lies. From the day you are born until you die most of what you are told are lies wrapped in a little truth. What you learn in school, college, work, media, movies, religion, books all of it lies. we are at a point now where we see the truth as lies and lies as the truth. 

The first lie you believe is that adults in some way know what is best. If that is true then I must have missed out on something along the way, I'm still waiting for the switch to turn on where I will instantly understand everything or anything which is kinda scary when you consider I run a home, a business and I'm raising a couple of mini versions of myself. After that, it's just one constant programming session where we are bombarded with information that we can not personally verify until we are unleashed on the world. 

Think about it, how much of what you learned in school or church have you been able to verify? We learn to believe everything we are told and if we don't, we will fail tests at which point our first unknowing programmers will step in and punish you for not being able to exactly repeat everything we have been told by people that are basically repeating what they have been told.

By the time we are adults the truth makes no sense to us and that's if we even bother to search it out

This is unfortunate, the truth really will set you free because right now, you are living a half-life, your thoughts are not your own and your actions are manipulated because of it. The person you are meant to be is trapped inside a body that is running on autopilot. Your mind is like any other muscle it only works when you decide to use it. No matter how much programming we have we always maintain the choice to think for ourselves. God gave us free will, everything we think or do until we die is our choice.

If you really want to experience true freedom you have to stop believing anything you can't personally verify and think for yourself, whatever conclusion you come to if going to be just as believable as the stuff you have been programmed to believe. Just remember, all these lies have a little bit of truth to them but it's only a little bit.

If you think this is bullshit, that's your choice, however, think about this: there are a few billion people on this planet right now, imagine if all them people thought for themselves. There is only two hundred rulers (who all seem to be related in one way or another) do you actually believe it is in their best interest to have a population of people thinking and behaving how they want?

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