Why does Trump exist in our political forum?

  • By aga
  • 12 Feb, 2016
2015 has seen the rise of the most unexpected presidential candidate the US has ever seen. He is loud, harsh, unapologetic and to say he acts unpresidential would be an understatement. How did this guy ever get into our political arena and more importantly how the hell is it possible that he is a serious candidate?

If you use the current narrative of today's mainstream media, you would believe we live in a country that is overwhelmingly on the side of unquestionable tolerance, political correctness, where all opposition to progressive ideas is instantly crushed by the public outcry of the masses. There may be small pockets of inbred racists, bigots and people that do not recognize the struggles of the poor/uneducated but according to the media, these people are just old white people set in their ways and in no way represent the views of the majority.

So how can it be that a man that is clearly the opposite of the countries views and in no way be soo popular?

Well, maybe he's not, maybe he is exactly in line with how the country is feeling. Maybe because he is not how the mainstream media portrays the country which coincidently seems to go in line with what politicians say (it is almost like they are working together) is the reason for his popularity.

The squeaky wheel gets the most oil and there is a very small percentage of this country that does all the squeaking while the rest of us are quietly getting on with our lives. The vast amount of Americans is struggling to pay their bills, keep the power on, feed their children, fill the gaps in our children's education and build our futures. We have very little time to go out of our way to find things to be offended about.

We also find it refreshing to hear a person that is running for office not talk like a politician and give endless promises based on how the political wind is blowing that we all know will never be kept. We are tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.

Why does Trump exist in our political forum? He exists because the politically correct, blind tolerant minority has created a vacuum that Donald Trump fits perfectly into. I may not agree with all his solutions or his views but I for one welcome his addition to this race, if for no more reason than it shines a light on how the people who actually keep this country running really feel.

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