True Religion

True Religion
Not the overpriced jeans
There are hundreds of religions. They can't all be right. If they were, we would be the result of an all-powerful alien that rides around in a spaceship, carrying the sun around the sky. You could show your loyalty simply by wearing some protective underwear and beating your slave correctly. 
The one thing you have to realize before looking at any religion is that people lie. The best way to lie is by bending the truth. What if all religions are just as right as they are wrong? We all arrive into this existence with certain instincts. We have an understanding of a higher power. We have a basic understanding of good and evil and we have a sense of self-preservation.   
Basically, we already know God. We know why we’re here and we know we have to protect our soul.
Unfortunately, evil has been here a lot longer than we have and it is waiting to ambush your instincts with false teachings. Evil uses the simple truths of God and twists lies, customs, and confusing rhetoric around them in order to trap your soul. Evil’s front line is religion. if you escape that attack, it will quickly reinforce its ranks with atheism and science. Atheism and science are evil’s special forces.It knows your levels of doubt in God will be high so it can surgically push out any traces of good from your soul by overflowing it with evidence of spontaneous and reason-less creation. Hopefully, you are here because you have survived that shower of bullshit.
So, we can't trust religion. Unfortunately, they are the jailers of God's truth and we need to free that truth. All we need to know about God is hidden in all religious text and teaching. Once you strip away all the misdirecting code, what you will be left with is the truth. 
It seems like an impossible task to decode God's word since it has been deliberately hidden from us by something so intelligent and ancient. Well, it would be if you didn't have a codex. The codex to pull God's word from religious text, teachings and everything else is childishly simple. Since Evil is using God's word to corrupt us, we cannot use any worldly methods to decode his word. By worldly I mean anything that was conceived and created on this world. 
Imagine yourself standing naked in the desert with nothing at your disposal. This is how God created you, naked with his entire creation at your feet. Now, imagine you know nothing of this world. Now you are in the correct mindset to be able to encode God's word. If any religious teaching is of worldly origin then it is most definitely from man and not God. If your religion is telling you what to wear, how to treat your slaves, to obey government, what to eat, how to act, how to worship and when to worship, how much to give or anything else worldly, thenthis is not from God, it's that simple, 
God created us with free will. We decide to follow him. We decide how we experience this existence. We decide if we are going to worship him or not and we decide how we are going to worship him. God does not need our worship to exist. He existed before we were formed and he will exist after we’re gone. Only false gods need us to worship them in order for them to exist. Any teaching that goes against this is from evil and not good. 
God's word is hidden within all religious text and teachings. This truth exists when you peel away all the evil words the truth has been marinated in. What you are left with is God's word. We worship because we want to, not because we have to. We try to do good deeds because we want to, not because we have to. When we pray, it's because we want to talk to God, not because we have to.
Nothing you have been forced to do and nothing you do because you have been told to has any worth. Free will is meaningless if you are not actually free.

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