The Trump Effect

  • By aga
  • 10 Feb, 2017
Ok, so Donald Trump is now president...Load help us all.

I don't know if Trump is a good guy, a bad guy, an evil genius or a complete idiot. We may never know since the information coming out on both sides is so tainted. However, what is hard to ignore is the effect his presidency is having on the country.

First off I have to say, I agree with a lot of what he is doing and disagree with a lot of what he's doing, this is not based on any expert, well-informed opinion but simply based on my somewhat average view of what I think affects me and what I believe is best for the country based only on the information I have been privy to.

What we have going on now is a media that to say is anti-trump would be an understatement, but because they are anti-Trump does not mean that they are looking out for the American people, let's not forget they were pro-Hillary. We get constant updates with negative spins put on every little thing trump does, weather hes tweeting, picking his cabinet or writing executive orders its all being met with the exact same level of outrage and criticism. We also have organized groups of protesters ready to march and riot every little thing at the drop of a hat with, again, urgency dialed up to ten like its the worst thing ever.

Right now, nothing Trump can do will ever be ok, if he came up with a cure for cancer there would be headlines saying "Trump destroys cancer treatment centers" and people would be protesting for the right to have cancer.

While it's a good thing to hold the president responsible and criticize their every action, what's going on now is not only dangerous for our country, its dangerous for the world. Trump could rape a Muslim woman with his penis wrapped in bacon while nuking Sweden and the level of outrage would be the same as it was when he tweeted "time to make america great again", there is nowhere left to go with your outrage. What are you going to do? riot some more? protest? call for impeachment? hashtag not my president? Attack his supporters? We have already done all them things and we have done them so much that now people have stopped caring. right now Donald Trump can get away with anything and not only will people not listen to another protest, they are starting to see him as the underdog with the whole world against him...In case you haven't heard, people love an underdog story.

These protests are creating support for Trump. In two years when it comes time to vote in the mid-terms don't be surprised if people remember these days and you don't get the results you want.

I am not saying these things to rub salt in your wounds, I actually don't want a country that leans completely right any more than I want one that leans completely left. Take an objective look at what's going on and adjust your actions appropriately, also, pick your battles, you don't need to protest everything, be a little more selective, you'll have plenty of opportunities to wear your new scarf and hoodie.

One last thing, Trump's strategy won this election, ask yourself, are you really sure this is also not just part of his strategy?
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