The President We Deserve 

  • By aga
  • 07 Oct, 2016
Every day a new story emerges relating to something our current presidential candidates has said or done in their long careers. From disgusting references to different races and genders to questionable, possibly illegal acts. We are outraged somebody that is running for the highest office in the land would behave in such way and we demand nobody to vote for such a deplorable human being but instead vote for their equally deplorable candidate.

We can not see the bad in our candidate so we are totally blind to the real issue. The president is supposed to represent the people. this means he/she is the person that represents our values to the world. he/she is us. The president says and does deplorable things because the people that voted for them (and against them) does deplorable things. If we want better representation, a better choice of candidate then we have to become better as a people.

Take a look at the list of deplorable things these candidates have been accused of (and most likely have done). Scale it down to your life. Have you always paid taxes on every purchase you have made? Have you ever lied? Cheated? Said something inappropriate? Wished an enemy dead? been a little racist? Said something about the opposite gender? Taken advantage of help that you didn't need? Not helped somebody that you could have?

Imagine for a second there were teams of people paid to dig up everything you have ever said and done, how would it make you look to people that didn't know you.

We have exactly the presidential candidates we deserve because they truly represent us as a people. If you want a better candidate choice simply be better, inspire people around you to be better.
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