The Pope Vs. The Trump

  • By aga
  • 24 Feb, 2016

Let the hypocrisy begin 

trump vs pope
In the left corner hailing from his walled-in country, weighing in at more than his doctor recommends and standing higher than everyone else is the hypercritical, name calling, the self-appointed world leader, the Pontiff with the mostess, his unholy father Francis and in the right corner we have Trump.

First round Francis comes out swinging questioning Trumps religion because Trump wants to build a dividing wall between Mexico and the USA so that people coming into his country should go through a proper vetting process. The crowd erupts with people chanting "Francis! Francis!" Instant memes and news headlines circle the world. How could trump recover from such a blow? But wait! Francis looks tired, he is in retreat, back to his country surrounded by a 40-foot wall and private army.

Second round both fighters look tired, Trump manages to get off a shot that barely lands by suggesting that “No leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith.” Francis fans quickly retaliates by deleting the words "no leader", replacing it with "nobody", turns it into a question and then brings up that trump did the same thing by saying “How can Ted Cruz be an Evangelical Christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest?” the crowd is on their feet! no way Trump can come back from this blow.

Third round Francis has clearly used up all his pope juice and could not survive any retaliation so in a move to defend from any, he has his multi-billion dollor organization spin the story by saying his comments "were simply an affirmation of his longstanding belief that migrants should be helped and welcomed rather than shut off behind walls."(Vatican city has welcomed zero refugees), "Trump's contention that his statement that Trump was 'not a Christian' was based largely on 'what he was told' about the billionaire's position" and "'The Pope has clearly said he didn't want to get involved in the electoral campaign in the US, and also said that he said what he said on the basis of what he was told [about Trump], hence giving him the benefit of the doubt." since trump has no moves to make now, THIS FIGHT IS OVER! Francis has his hand raised and everyone rushes to get out of the parking lot before it gets too crazy.

Clearly Francis won this fight and for a good reason, he is head of an organization that is expert at manipulating people for its personal gain. Taking back what he said was not a mistake, its way for them to manipulating the public without getting any dirt stuck to them. All the memes and all the news articles about this story still exist there is almost none (if any) of the retraction. Any damage to Trumps presidential run is not or will be fixed.

I don't know the Francis personally so I can't judge him directly but I do know he is head of an organization that has been manipulating religious teachings since its creation, this is evident by the way it sways whatever way the wind is blowing so it can continue being relevant. How can something that was once wrong now be ok? I have not heard of god coming and giving them new rules to follow so either they are making it up as they go or they have never been working for god in the first place.

I don't agree with building a wall, I think it would be better and cheaper to enforce the laws we have and not give immigrants benefits unless they go through the correct immigration procedures. Take away the reason people immigrate and you'll have less immigration. That being said people in walled cities should not cast stones, seriously, I don't understand how people get past the hypocrisy of the original statement.
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