The Earth Is Flat

  • By aga
  • 30 Jul, 2017
The Earth is flat...At least that what you will believe if you happen the fall down the right rabbit hole on the internet. 

How is it that in this day and age people would believe what looks like to be such nonsense?

I for one spent hours with no success looking for ways to disprove the evidence i was being presented with. From Samuel Rowbothams canal experiment to dispersion of sun rays and even studying flight patterns Sure there are plenty of information out there trying debunk the claims but they all basically amount to calling anyone that believes in flat earth crazy. So is the earth flat? well, it depends on what information you believe and that's the real issue here.

How is it we're a fifth of the way into the 21st century when we have left this planet that people would believe anything other than the established narrative? 

Maybe its because the narrative is falling apart. We know the government lies to us,  we know the media lies to us and we know our education establishments have been lying to us. With access to the internet and all the worlds information being available to everyone all the time, verifying the information we have been given takes seconds, add to the the realization of how little science actually knows for sure and what you are left with is a lot of people that at best distrust the information that is being presented and at worth will instantly take the opposing stance.  
It don't take many steps to get from fake moon landings to satanic secrete societies inventing a globe earth to hide the fact that we are living on a flat plain created by God.   

Maybe the earth is flat, maybe the universe does revolve around us, maybe NASA is lying about space so they can get millions in what? that stuff does not affect my life, what does affect mine and everyone else's life is that we are basically on our own when it comes to information...maybe that's a good thing, maybe gathering information and coming to your own conclusions is the whole point rather than somebody else feeding your opinion to you.

I personally believe that if you believe the earth is flat, then its flat
If you believe we live on a globe then its a globe 
Since its becoming more and more likely that we are living in some sort of simulation then you are creating your own reality.
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