The Big Bang

The Big Bang
AKA the little pop
The first time i heard the big bang theory was when I was a kid, probably about 10 or 11, only then the the big bang was caused by two atoms in an infinite nothingness collided and caused this massive explosion in which the entire universe came out of......even at that age this confused me, I've clapped my hands together quite a few times and never created a universe (not that i know of anyway). I guess scientists also finally realized than to because now the theory has changed.

The current theory is.
In an eternal void of nothingness there was this super tiny, massive object that contained all the matter and elements that current exist in the universe decided without any external persuasion to explode. All this matter shot off from the point of explosion and is still going today, we are living in the blast radius. While all this matter is traveling at high velocity with no restrictions away from the blast point it connects with other matter traveling in the same direction. The larger the fragments the greater the pull on other fragments. In no time we have a universe full of different types of satellites, some are planets, some are moons, some are comets and other stuff we haven't named yet. 

As different sized objects came close together they started to form orbits around each other, which they keep so well you can literally set your clock by it. From what i can tell, there is always a sun in the middle with the planets circling it and the moons circling the planets. It's all very uniformed considering he are currently in the middle of the largest explosion ever.

This is a simple explanation and I'm sure there is a few believers out there that will argue till the cows come home about the validity of it however, there is nothing about this theory that can possibly be true.

My problem with this theory starts with, Where the hell did this object come from? I know this is a question that would continue to generate follow up questions but still, its a question that need some sort of answer even if it does create follow up questions. I'd be happy if somebody at least tried to answer this, but they don't, its object go boom, now we here.

Other problems I have are:
  1. Look at the picture at the top of this page, it's an explosion, when things explode the distance between every fragment get expediently larger the further it travels from the source. Since there is no air, gravity, tractor beams or any other force in the universe at the time them how did these fragments even get close enough to each other to form a rock, never mind an entire planet.
  2. How do we even know this happened? I've heard the explanation about the universe cooling and measuring the distances between stars which sound cool until you realize that:
    1. We don't know how hot or cold the universe was to compare this to and
    2. how can we measure the distance when we don't know where we are?
  3. Why has there not been any other big bangs? If this is something that is possible its seems unlikely that it would on happen once.
  4. How come if all matter and elements was expelled at the same time we have different types of planets and stars? if all these elements were in the same place and all shot off in the same direction at the same speed then why wouldn't every object in the universe be the same?
  5. If we are still in the middle of this explosive event where all matter is being projected from the blast site then how come everything is in orbit of something else? how can objects be spinning back towards the blast site? 
Nothing about this theory makes any sense, it seems (like evolution) to be a theory explaining how the universe can exist without God and not how the universe came into being.

My theory is this:
The universe has always been here, there was no beginning and there will be no end. Time is a man made measurement that requires a beginning and an end. Even if every star exploded and destroyed every planet the matter from these objects would still exist. 

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