That bathroom law

  • By aga
  • 28 Apr, 2016
Firstly, I can't believe in the 21 century we still have discussions about what bathroom people should use. Bathrooms, restrooms, water closet or whatever other names they go by have nothing to do with gender, they are about plumbing. If you have the right plumbing to urinate against a wall then you use the bathroom with the wall to urinate against, if you have to sit down (have to not want to) then you use the other one. It's really simple.

I feel that there is no way to write about this subject without reducing it to the language you use when talking to a 5-year-old. Really, if it has to be explained to you why people are assigned bathrooms that match their plumbing, I feel there is nothing that can be said that you can comprehend. Best you just go to your safe place now.

Ok, so who are these confused individuals that are intent on breaking bathroom/changing room protocol? The simple answer is people suffering from mental disorders including pedophiles and people with Gender dysphoria (transgender). Yes, little delicate flowers, these are both mental disorders. One disorder causes the sufferer to have an unnatural sexual attraction to prepubescent children the other disorder causes the sufferer to THINK their body does not match their true gender. They are both disorders, they can be treated even cured.

Somewhere along the way, we decided instead of treating Gender dysphoria we would indulge the disorder. So now we live in a society where we have more than two genders, Male, Female, and Transgender.

This is not the issue. I believe every person has the right to do whatever they want as long as their actions do not affect anyone else and as long as people suffering from this disorder are giving enough information about this disorder to make an informed decision.

The issue here is, people are forcing other people to accept this disorder as a normal thing and to make allowances for the decisions of other people, The current round of acceptance is we have to accept that a person with a mental disorder can use whatever bathroom they want. This is also not really the real problem, I personally don't care if a woman that changed her plumbing to that of a man shares a bathroom or changing room with me, as long as they have actually had their plumbing changed. Remember it's a plumbing issue and not a gender issue. My issue is simply that laws are being made to protect people with one harmless mental disorder that will allow people with a harmful mental disorder to indulge themselves.

If you actually believe that pedophiles will not use this loophole to indulge their desires then you are not qualified to make any choices...ever. It's already happening, just because the media is not the reporting events that goes against their politically correct narrative, does not mean it's not happening.

My question to the transgender community is this: Could you really live with yourself if one child gets kidnapped, raped or molested because a law was passed to protect your bathroom choices? If me never pissing in public again meant one less child would be in danger, then I think I'd hold it.

Like everything in life, there is more to this than a transgender person not having to sit on a seat that's been peed on. The bigger picture here is laws are being made governing private businesses. This is wrong, very wrong. Businesses should be able to decide for themselves what services they provide to their customers and customers should be able to decide if the services they offer goes against their beliefs or concerns and they can decide to use that business or not. I should be able to go to a store that allows transgender people to use the bathroom they identify with and I should also have the freedom to be able to take my daughters to a business and not have to be concerned about them going into a bathroom where somebody is pretending to identify as a woman.

This is about me (and the people that oppose this) hating people that force themselves on children, not some guy that thinks wearing a dress will make them complete. Yes, there is people that think transgender people are freaks, I personally couldn't care less. An ex-man with all the right plumbing being in the bathroom with my daughter does not bother me in the slightest.

I like guns, there are laws protecting my right to carry guns in public, I would be lying if I said the idea of walking around with an AR15 on my back didn't somewhat appeal to me...I don't do it. I don't do it because me exercising this right would make some people uncomfortable. If you want to prove you are in control and it's not just some out of control mental disorder dictating your actions, then maybe consider making a choice that helps protect children rather than basically telling the world that all you care about is your pedophiles.

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