RIP Social Justice Warriors 

  • By aga
  • 07 May, 2016

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that i have to inform you of the passing of Social Justice Warriors. After a long fight against inequality, slavery, oppression and countless other unseen enemies, SJW’s passed away. They may be gone but their victories will be forever remembered.

After a long struggle fighting social injustice, social justice warriors finally succumbed to progressiveness, this terrible ailment in which there is no known cure.

Today's social justice warriors have been left with the spoils of what was once a noble fight. A noble fight that has now been reduced to endless whining about trigger warnings, guys sitting with their legs open and fucking clicking fingers instead of clapping because apparently clapping is aggressive or some shit...seriously, it's a thing, it's called snapplause.

Believe it or not, this is actually a good thing, if the only thing you have to worry about is being triggered by somebody clapping then your life is pretty fucking sweet. In the western world at least, all the real battles have been won. It is also a good thing that this sense or social morality still exists within people, where they feel they need to stand up for the weak, The real problem is, these poor peoples admirable instincts have been hijacked by the weak spineless betas that did not have the strength to stand up when the real battles were happening, they instead turned on, tuned in and dropped out.

These people are now trying to relive their youth by heading up the rear to a battle that has long been won. They disgustingly ride on the glory of past battles. Thanks to real social justice warriors every woman in the western world has the same rights and opportunities as every man, every color is equal in the eyes of the law and the only thing we have left to fight for is the rights of the rest of the know...Them places where women are treated like second class citizens, where slavery is still a thing, where you can get killed for what you believe and what you won't believe, where education is a luxury and not a right. Yes, you will be glad to hear that there is still some good fights left out there, waiting for you.

If your goal is not to engage these atrocities then you do not care about justice and you sure as fuck are not a warrior, you're a follower, a puppet, somebody that is too scared to face the reality that the world is not against you, you are just weak. Rosa Parks had a safe place, it was at the back of the bus, she choose to stand up alone and refuse to be weak. There is a real difference in what she did and a bunch of kids shouting over people because you are offended because...well...whatever the fuck you're offended by, i assure you it's probably stupid. Being offended will never make you right, it will just make you weak.

If however your goal is to go and help the rest of the world catch up, then please heed my advice:

  • Pull your pants up
  • Stop crying
  • Speaking louder doesn't make you right
  • Learn some actual facts and not just regurgitate the latest talking points
  • Pull your pants up (seriously, this needs to be repeated, if you walk around another country with your ass hanging out, you'll not last the day)
  • Question everything your progressive teachers tell you, or better still, actually fact check it yourself.
  • And finally, pull your fucking pants up!

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