Religion Is Blasphemy

Religion Is Blasphemy
Mixed with a healthy dose of bullshit
People are born knowing their place in the universe. We know why we're here and who created us. It is that inherent knowledge that is used by religions to twist our minds and keep us from our true purpose in life.

There is a God. A creator to all this, an intelligent entity with absolute control over his creation. Of that, I have no doubt. It doesn't take faith to believe this. Faith is only required when you have to believe bullshit. Deep down, we all start off knowing this to be true. Even animals know this. That's why you hardly ever see a lion say, "Fuck it! I'm going to be a monkey.” He knows his job and is more than happy to perform his role right up until he dies. Same with all animals. . . unless humans come along; try to tame it, make it a slave to their wishes and change it to how they think an animal should be. Just like religion. All religions, even the religion of not believing in religion.

Religion is not some accidental creation that evolved over time. Religion is a very deliberate tool used to keep you from your purpose, this tool works because you know deep down that you have a purpose. Religion uses your sense of purpose against you. It will take that desire and replace it with its agenda and then distract you with worldly endeavors.

All religions have the same basic principles:
  • Creation
  • Submit to a God
  • Get Rewarded in the Next Life

All that changes is the way the story is told. Even if you decide you are not going to believe in any of this. Then don't worry, science is there to give you it's bullshit version of the story to keep you in line. 

The reason for the creation story is simple. People need to have this imaginary concept of time, without a some sort of beginning there is no way to start a story. Time is a manmade concept, without our measurement of it, it doesn't exist. If we didn't share the same concept of time then society would not function the way the people that control this world want it to. There was no creation event, God has and always will be. This existence began and will end at the same instance along with everything that happens in between. Something that happened 5000 years ago is the same distance away as something that happened 5 seconds ago. Just like what is going to happen in 1000 years is just as far away as what is happening right now.

I know, this sounds like I've been smoking something but think about it, when is time a factor in your life? It is always a control factor; when you have to be at work, when you can eat, when you can see your friends, when you can sleep, when you can wake. All worldly things. nothing else on this planet cares about time, they will eat when they're hungry, fornicate when they're horny and sleep when they're tired. 

So time and creation are nothing but control systems.

Another control factor is your submission to god. This should be a no-brainer. You are not submitting to god, you are submitting to their teachings and their control.

So, what is your reward for following these religions? Well if you are really good, when you die you will get a bunch of virgins, a nice fluffy cloud to play your harp on, come back as somebody better or get to rule your own planet. If you don't believe in religion you get to stay on earth where your energy can be used to make something else. It's kinda like paying social security. You pay it in the hopes that someday you get to retire and every now and then they will give you a little scare that if you don't vote how they want it might not be there. But most likely you'll die of a heart attack before you are old enough to collect.

Here's the thing. This is important because it's how all the big long cons work. The best way to lie is with the truth. All these religions (and science) will use a twisted version of the truth to get your compliance. The only way to see past the lies and find out what is real is to question everything; then question it again and after you question it again ask yourself. For example, why would an all powerful God that created everything need me to eat fish on Friday, wear a towel on my head, dress like a wizard, eat bread that some dude pretends is the body of his son or my personal favorite tell all your sins to some old dude behind a curtain? Seriously? If you can't answer any of them questions, chances are it's bullshit. 

God didn't create you with the ability to stand just so you will live your life on your knees.
God didn't give you freedom so you can be his slave.
And God sure didn't create you for the purpose of generating revenue. 
You exist to exist. You have free will, if you want to use that free will to be a complete screw-up, then that's your choice. However, if you do decide that you want to use your free will to work with God, not because you have to but because you want to, then God will provide for you in this life and whatever comes after. 

The good news is, you don't have to spend your Sundays listening to some self-appointed con man in fancy dress reprogram what you already know. If you want to get closer to God go fishing, hiking, hunting, stay home and have sex with your wife, play with your kids, touch his creation in some way. You're not going to find God in some manmade structure watching people perform crazy rituals and dropping cash in a donation basket because their god thinks they need a new car. Instead of giving ten percent of your income to a church to get closer to God, work ten percent less and spend that extra time discovering your true purpose. Guaranteed, you'll find God quicker and maybe the local priest/rabbi/minister will learn to make do with a BMW.

God is in his creation, not in man's creation.

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