Religion of peace?

  • By aga
  • 23 Jun, 2016
Is there really such a thing as a religion of peace? If history is what we use to answer this question then the answer would be a resounding NO! There is no such thing as a religious extremist or fanatical, then there are just true believers and moderates.

Since there really is no such thing as a peaceful religion, is it right to focus on one religion while ignoring the past actions of other religions? Well, that depends on if those other religions are still killing people that disagree with them or not.

It is important to understand that religion is not a creation of God, it's man-made unless you believe that one culture is full of sinners while another culture is populated by God's chosen people just because they happened to be born in a geographical area where that religion is in control. I'm not sure God would have created people to be damned, just like I'm not sure God would create a belief structure that calls for the death of people that were unfortunate enough to be raised with a different belief structure. It is not reasonable to believe any religion that requires killing is a religion working for God. These teaching exist in all current religions, not just the religions making the news.

There is no disease, virus, natural disaster or war that has even come close to the body count that each religion is responsible for, so how can anyone claim to be part of a religion of peace? Maybe we need to stop treating religions as operating manuals for life and start looking at them as ideas and only take what is right for you. For example: don't kill people seems like a good idea and seems like it would be something God would not want you to do while on the other hand cutting somebodies head off because they drew a picture might be one of them things that you could put on the maybe list.

Think about this: let's say you wake up tomorrow and everyone has decided to agree on one religion and everyone is going to follow that religion to the letter...then what? Are we all just going to run out the eternal clock reliving the same day over and over? Wouldn't that be the end to all innovation, creativity, pretty much anything fun?

It seems to me all these religions need each other to be relevant, if everyone believed the same thing then there would be no need for teaching so there would be no religion.

Do you think a God that created absolutely everything needed to create tiny humans just to worship him? That seems like a very weak God to me. The God I believe in gave me free will, he wants me to experience his creation, to take my own path and discover new ideas. This is what I've tried to do, it hasn't lead me away from God, if anything, it's brought me closer to God. I don't cause harm or infringe on anyone else's existence because I'm scared or eternal consequences, I don't do it because I respect what God has created for me and everyone else. I also don't do good because I think God is watching, I try to do good because I am grateful for what I've been given and I want to show how grateful I am.

Religion didn't bring me closer to God, His creation brought me closer to him, all religion did was drive me away and teach me to hate my fellow man. There are things other people do that I know is wrong, as there are things I do that's wrong. I no longer hate or judge my fellow man for their wrongs, I understand their path and mine are different. Religion didn't teach me empathy, God’s creation did.

I don't think religions started out as bad things, I believe every religion started as the documentation of one person's path through life, the only problem with that is: not all peoples path is going to be the same.

What is a religion of peace for one person is a path to carnage for another...
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