The Elephant's Ass

The Elephant's Ass
The political circle jerk
Every country that has some sort of electoral process usually has two main parties. There're the old fuddy-duddies determined to keep the status quo and then you have the hipster party that is focused on progress and change. One party usually wants you to keep your guns(personal rights), more of your earnings at the cost of benefits and your retirements while the other wants to take away your guns (personal rights), take more of your earnings and protect your benefits and retirement. 

Both these parties take turns in power. you would think that this would result in the people getting the best of both parties. our personal rights, benefits, retirement would all be protected while taking less of our earnings, you would think anyway, however, the "representatives of the people" seem to have managed to take away our rights, benefits, retirement while taking more of our earnings. If anyone ever put some thought into it, they would see that both these parties are actually the same damn party.

Here is how it works:

While party one is in power they will push their policies through, Party two will kick up a stink, but ultimately fail to stop them. By the time the other party is in power, people will have accepted the changes and the process starts again. basically, life gets worse for the people every cycle and we just continue to blame the other party for all are problems. If this wasn't the case, don't you think the first order of business when the power shifted would be to reverse the work of the other party?

Basically, People are people. When we are young we get looked after by our parents, we are idealistic and we absolutely positively are sure we know better than the grown ups. We are filled with ideas about how we should be able to do what we want and it's somebody else's responsibility the clean up the mess, during these years we tend to be very "progressive". Some people will eventually progress in their careers, start a family, buy a house and plan for their family's future, at which point they'll start to be more "conservative", they'll want the freedom to make their own choices and build their own future....that's if they grow up.

The good news is, there is something you can do about it. 

Stop aligning yourself with political parties and their politics. Seriously, think about it, why would you hand your political beliefs over to somebody else? you are a unique human being, how is it even possible that all your beliefs line up perfectly with the representative that they have told you are your choice? If you are going to vote, use it to vote for the independent that bests represents you as a human being and stop contenting yourself with being on the winning team.

It's insanity that political parties even exist. there are 7+ billion people on this planet, it's not possible that they all are either conservative about everything or liberal about everything, think how many times you have had to ignore your own personal beliefs just to be aligned with your party's platform. 

The lesser of two evils is still evil

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