That Pizza Story

  • By aga
  • 18 Mar, 2017
I've been holding off writing about pizza gate simply because I can't verify any of the information to be true or false. That being said, there is a lot of weirdness surrounding this story that should be addressed in a responsible manner.

The (very) basic summary of the story is this:
During the 2016 presidential race John Podesta one of Hilary Clinton's associates had his emails hacked and leaked to the public via WikiLeaks. Within these emails there was a lot of conversations that some have said is writing in a code used by pedophiles, these code words are backed up by the FBI. Also contained in the emails are references to a pizza joint called Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington DC and that is where the story got the name pizza gate.

I'm not going to go into all the child sex trafficking and stories of satanic ritualistic abuse that goes along with this story, I can not confirm or disprove any of it and the waters are too muddied now to even try, it is up to you to look into it yourself and draw your own conclusions.

What I want to address in this article is how the story and investigation were handled by the authorities and media because that is the really weird part.

In mid-December 2016, the story was officially debunked by fox news after a "truther" entered Comet ping pong on December 4th and fired one shot that hit the restaurants computer damaging the hard drive. Fox News interviewed the poor owner of the restaurant, James Alefantis and he confirmed that the story was indeed fake news...

This was it, that was the evidence that there was not a sex trafficking ring operating in DC, the owner of the restaurant that was said to be involved said it was not true...

That guy must be really trustworthy to be able to put an end to such a terrible allegation on his word alone, maybe that is why a pizza joint owner in the most powerful area of real estate in the world is listed as one of The 50 Most Powerful People in Washington by GQ...

Think about that for a second, DC is where the US government pretty much decides the fate of the world, every powerful entity on the planet has offices and representation there, it is full of congressmen, lobbyist, lawyers, judges, generals, a few CEOs. the President of the United States of America yet some dude that makes pizzas ranks as one of the top 50 most powerful people in Washington...Them pizzas must be good, I mean they must be topped with ambrosia or diamonds or something.

If there was ever an allegation made about you or anyone you know regarding children, you would without a doubt be investigated, as you should be, we are talking about children, they need to be defended. This pizza dude is so powerful that his word literally overwrites any investigation.

I believe in our system when it is working as it should be, everybody is innocent until proven guilty, however, we are talking about children here, if there is a 1/1000 chance that there is anything to this story it should be investigated, I can't understand or see any reason why it has not already been. If nothing is found then that vindicates the pizza guy and if something is found well then let justice take his course but to just take somebodies word that nothing is going on is weird and just creates more questions.

I personally hope this is a fake story and if it turns out to be so then I hope the people behind this story eat some humble pie and publically apologize because whatever your reason to make these allegations, nobody deserves to be accused of this if they are innocent. But unless there is some sort of investigation, this guy is going to be carrying some guilt in my and I'm sure other people's eyes, I'm only human and like I said, if there is a 1/1000 chance it is true, I will believe it is true for the children's sake.
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