Newish World Order

Newish World Order
By now its more like the old world order
What throws me off with most conspiracy theorists is the whole "the new world order is coming" narrative. The so called New World Order has been here for a long time, it's been here so long it should be called the Slightly Used World Order.

The concept of the NWO is basically a one world government with one set of leaders controlling the world, one religion controlling the world's belief structure and one banking system. We have been living in that system for generations, we only think we are not because of a well refined propaganda system that has convinced us that our religions are different, that the dirt under our feet is different than the dirt on the other side of an imaginary border and that because we have to change our physical money when we cross these imaginary borders that the money is somehow different. the currency changes but your bank account stays the same, the religions all have different ways of teaching the exact same thing and that dirt you are standing on is no different than the dirt on the other side of the border.

We the people of this planet are nothing but cattle self captivating ourselves, these imaginary borders are the fences to separate the different cattle based on their assigned purpose. We believe that because we have a mortgage, a couple of cars, some nice looking furniture, a few different outfits, some approved hobbies that we are doing well for ourselves and free.....but we are not, everyone of them things can be taken away from us instantly, we can be thrown out onto the street with nothing and there is not a thing we can do about it. 

Take a drive to a large farm some day and take a look at how the animals are divided, some are treated better than others. The horses will have large areas to run in, the pigs will have a smaller dirty area, the cows will roam large areas of land, the chickens will be in small enclosures and the dog will look like it's running free (until it breaks the rules) all these animals have just enough room, comfort levels and treated just right in order for that animal to best serve the needs of the farmer. How is your life any different? 

The one world religion is not about a new religion that everyone is going to accept it's about everyone believing the basics that all these religions share and voluntarily control themselves based on these beliefs. Even the belief in science over religion is a form of control that governs people's beliefs. As long as nobody questions the teachings then these systems will control you. The animals on the farm are just as domesticated and believe that the farmer will provide for their needs right up to the point where they will willingly walk into the slaughterhouse while the other animals look on thinking if they only believed as us they would still be alive.

The one world currency is nothing but numbers in your bank account that has zero value because it is backed by nothing, any second of any day somebody can decide that your 100 dollar bill is worthless and there is nothing you can do about it, same with your euro and any other fake currency, it's absolutely worthless, just like your property, your stocks and any other assets that has an imaginary value attached to it. if it is not fuel, edible or drinkable then it is of no actual worth and can only be traded as long as it's fake value is still valid.

So what do we do about the Newish World Order? not a damn thing. If you don't like it, then don't be part of it. God give you free will, you are the one choosing to be a part of the NWO. when people first farmed the fences were higher and stronger because the animals did not accept their imprisonment, as time past the animals learned their place and accepted it, now these animals are enslaved by low, weak fences without ever questioning their existence. 

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