It's OK to not know

  • By aga
  • 31 May, 2016
Really, it's ok. When somebody asks you a question and you don't care or don't know, say so, it's ok. Nobody smart is going to think less of you, in fact, they will think more of you.

Real intellectuals know how much they don't know, it's what drives them, they also know when they are talking to someone that don't know or are just regurgitating other people's thoughts and talking points.

Too often in today's society people feel forced to have an opinion on everything, ninety percent of which they couldn't care less about. This does not mean everyone is out there researching statistics and cross referencing them stats with all the available existential data, they are not reading every book they find on a subject, then fact-checking that information and they are not spending time listening to experts on both sides of the discussion and forming their own opinions. They don't care, they take the path of least resistance and accept the opinions of others and regurgitate these views as their own.

In the last year, I've been forced to have an opinion on feminism, black lives, police state, where transgenders go to the bathroom, rich people that want to rule over me and countless other stuff...I'm a middle-aged, white heterosexual parent, none of this stuff really matters to me. If I wasn't wired in such a way that I have to see how everything connects to the big picture, I'd have no opinions on any of that stuff and that would be ok.

It's is infinitely better to have no opinion than it is to assimilate somebody else's. We are not all equal, we are all different. Every single person is uniquely wired in their own way, there is many things that you are naturally drawn to and lots of things that you just don't have a need to care about. If you don't care about something, ignore it, use your brain only for the things that interest you, you'll succeed more, you'll be happier and you are less likely to be connected to an ideology that is fundamentally wrong.

Keep in mind, during nazi Germany millions of Germans were attached to an ideology that one could say was wrong, do you think the nazi war machine would have gotten as big as it was if every German questioned or ignored what they were being told?
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