Income Equality

Income Equality
Controlling free people with paper
How much money did you make today? was it enough? did you meet your goals? Are you on your way up the financial ladder? on your way down? or just trying to keep your head above water?

What if I told you it don't matter? Your whole life you have been lead to believe that some bits of paper with a picture of a dead guy and some numbers on it holds some value. It doesn't, them numbers may as well be zero's. The most valuable thing you have is your time and labor and you are trading it for paper. 

Think about that for a second...........

Your life is the most valuable thing you own and you will give it up to create, sell trade or fix meaningless products or services for the majority of your life in exchange for some paper which you can then trade for these products or services that have no value either.

That's insane...........yet we all do it. Not only do we do it but when we are not being slaves for this paper we are actively trying to find ways to get more meaningless stuff to enslave ourselves further, we are a slave to everything we think we own. every item we call ours requires a portion of our time to either maintain, secure, clean or use. The more items and paper we have the richer we believe we are.

Is there anyone alive that wouldn't hand over their paper, gold, diamonds, flat screen TV, car when given the option "hand it over or die"? that's because we know, our time on this earth is worth more than any of that stuff. When presented with the clear option stuff or life, we choose life. It would be insane not to, however, every day we make the illogical choice of trading our time for stuff.

The only people with any real wealth are the people that control your labor (time) and I'm not talking about your boss at the hardware store, I am talking about the people he owes paper to, that mythical 1% that the media keeps referring to (which is more like 0.00001%). They know the real value of money, shit they are the ones printing it and applying some imaginary worth to it. 

These people love to keep people's focus on acquiring imaginary wealth, they promote it every chance they get, you are even given a class depending on how much of this paper you have and these classes will be divided in society by so-called levels of luxury. Some people think they are not trading their labor for paper because they do not work, but their labor is also being used, they become political pawns, the so-called poor. The people at the bottom of the classes whose existence powers every political campaign, the people that are forever being promised more yet always seem to stay the same, just by being poor they serve as a warning to the rest of us to keep trading your labor otherwise you too will end up with nothing. 

In this upside down world, poor people are the true rich. The less you have, the less you are enslaved to and the more true wealth you have. When your time is your own, you are rich. Just like an animal can live its life from start to finish without owning anything. 

Governments exist only to keep us in the endless race for more while making sure that our labor is divided between the people that understand what true wealth is, its a game for them. The least amount of worthless currency we are prepared to give up our time for the better. 

Think about it, we trade our time for x amount of paper when we are young and healthy and then when we are old and in need of medical care because of all the poisons they have been providing to us our entire lives, they will sell our lives back to us for more than they purchased it for so you ultimately end up with nothing. 

Once you free yourself from material wealth you will have time to live the life you were meant to. Work only as much as you need to to live. it doesn't matter if you are educated or a high school dropout, an hour of your time is worth more than a gold bar.

You can only be free if your mind is free. 

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