Gunman who killed 2 on live TV

  • By aga
  • 26 Aug, 2015

Black, Obama Supporting gay male shoots two people on tv

So we had a shooting today that made headlines, not by a right wing, racist multiple gun owner but by a black, Obama supporting gay male that wanted to start a race war. He purchased a gun after the church shooting because he was inspired by the Charleston church shooting  white racist.  So he decides he will kill a couple of white people and then follow the rules of a high profile shooting and kill himself (Working in the news industry I'm sure he is aware of the process to get his fame)


Let's talk about gun control, or, let's not. We can say this wouldn't have happened if this guy didn't have access to guns, or we can say if this guy really wanted to kill he would have found a way. We can say guns kill people, or we can say people kill people. let other people get into the whole gun control circle jerk and lets look at the other aspects of this incident.

He wasn't some racist gun nut......wait, that's exactly what he was, sorry for a second there I was tapped into the narrative where only white people can be racist and you must have an AR15 to be a gun nut. This stand-up member of the community was the worst kind of racist, gun nut. Not the old white guy sitting on his lawn chair shooting at black people that dared walk past his yard because he grew up in a time where his parents taught him that black people only live to rape white women and are sub-human racist, but worst kind of racist, the kind created by the media, the dangerous kind.

The worst kind of racist is the kind that think their actions are justified, that justification comes from years of being told that you are being oppressed, nothing's your fault, it's the fault of other races, it is not only your right to fight back, it's your responsibility. this is how the Nazi's got their followers, this is how the Klan gets its followers, this is how Muslim extremists get their followers and this is how the race baiters get their followers. This guy was a weak minded racist that not only drank the kool-aid, he bathed and swam in it.

Was he a gun nut? well, he was a nut with a gun, which is more dangerous than a gun nut. I have guns, I have somewhat of a passion for them, I work on them to make them better, I am always adjusting them so they can perform at their best. I'm what people would call a gun nut. He was a nut with a gun, he lost his mind and searched for it at a gun store, when he didn't find it there he decided to buy a gun and shoot some white people, when he didn't find it there he looked down the barrel of the gun and pulled the trigger to see if that would put his mind back in his head.......that's the actions of a crazy person whose mind was twisted by a continued race baiting narrative that sees racism in everything.

If guns were banned would this have happened? I don't know

If people were given forced psychological exams would this have happened? I don't know.

If this guy wasn't being fed a regular diet of race baiting would this have happened? Absolutely not.

What does it matter that he was gay? well, it doesn't, I just threw that in there because most media outlets will leave that out because we can't have gay people doing bad things.
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