Gun Control

Gun Control
Also known as people control
30(ish) people a day die from gun related death in the US.....That's a lot, right? I mean if this was 30 of your friends and family, you would be heartbroken. 30 lives ending because of a weapon, seems like the logical thing to do would be to ban that weapon, right? but, and there is a big but here. maybe some perspective is needed. 6,500+ people die each day in the US only 30 will be from firearms and despite what the media would lead you to believe, most of them 30 people will be suicides and gang violence, not kids in a school. 

30 lives lost is still not an acceptable loss, all life is important, but don't you find it strange that the media puts more importance into these 30 and almost no attention is given to the other 6,470? Where is the outpouring of anger for their lives? is your life less important if you died of preventable diabetes, heart disease, traffic accident, drowning, medical malpractice, blunt force trauma or slipping and cracking your skull in the shower? 6,470.........that's more people than you will meet in your lifetime and that many people are dying driving distance from where you are right now. No charities are being set up in their name, no presidential speeches, no politicians demanding answers to roaring applause.......not a passing thought from any strangers, dead, gone.  

Here's another number for perspective, 125,000. That's a big number right, it's not the number of people that will die from guns this year, it's number of lives that are terminated every day in the US, that's 125,000 people who did not even get a chance of life, but that's a different topic, we need to do something about them 30 people that will die tomorrow from guns. the 129,470 other lives will have to wait till we deal with this issue.

Here's the thing, life has this consequence that none of us are going to avoid. Death. None of us get out of this life alive, we are all going to die and odds are not in your favor that you are going to be one of them people that will drift away peacefully in their sleep, it is more likely you are going to lose some sort of fight with one of the million things that are attacking you every day and it's not going to be pretty. We all know this, yet the human in us wants to deny this inevitability and pretend we can fix it.

So why the focus on saving people from the exaggerated danger of guns?

Maybe it's because of what the gun symbolize, Every person that owns a gun does so for the same reason, freedom. Freedom to put the food you hunted yourself on the table, freedom to defend yourself, freedom from tyrannical leaders and most importantly the freedom to decide your own path through this life. Despite what the media would have you believe, gun owners are not sitting in the dark clutching their AR15s shaking in fear, they tend not to really be scared at all. Sure having a gun does not guarantee your safety and there is a chance that your own gun can be used against you, but at least, if you die(sorry when you die), you died on your terms and not because help didn't come on time, nothing says you are free less than waiting for somebody else to come to your rescue. 

So what about the people that fear your gun ownership?

Fuck them? It's not quite the simple. Being free is not "I'm ok, fuck you", We all live in the same country and we all have the same right to freedom, A gun owners right to freedom does not trump the rights of somebody that is anti-guns right to feel secure, no more than their fear of guns trumps our right to own them. We are Americans, we all stand together or we all fall together. 

What we need is an independent committee made up of volunteers from both sides of the debate with absolutely no political affiliations or financial incentive that would be subject to intense persecution should they be found to be corrupt in any way (there should probably be something like this set up for every divisive issue).............Ok, that's a dream, I mean let's face it, the tears of frustration are what keeps our political machine lubricated, no way are they going to allow people to come together and sort out their divisive issues, they would have nothing to lie about during their two-year political campaigns. We need a gun debate, a real one not some meme war where people share out of context "facts" from each side. believe me, your propaganda sounds no less ridiculous to the other side as their does to you.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." what this means is:
A Militia, which is a civilian army must be ever ready to take back the government if it ever becomes corrupt, is no longer working with the best interests of the people or is not keeping its oath to follow the constitution. This right "shall not be infringed" this does not mean if you broke a law and paid your penalty via fine or prison time you forfeit your rights, it does also not mean if one human being decides that the way you think or act disqualifies you from having your rights, it means you have the right to keep and bear arms no matter what, It's that simple. Do I want repeat violent offenders having a gun? of course not, but I also don't really enjoy hearing stupid people talk but that is also their right regardless of if I like it or not.

Is this government tyrannical? well, that depends on who you ask but let's go with no for the sake of argument. what happens in 20, 50 years from now? just because there is not a tyrant in power now does not mean there will never be and then what? you have given away all your rights to protest or even take back your country because right now at this time you are scared that you might be one of the unlikely 30 people that die today. The US president is arguably the most powerful man in the world, do you actually think it is always going to be good guys that are after that position? It literally only takes one bad president and the land of the free becomes the land of the enslaved. Right now any sitting president can declare martial law and he will never have to leave office. That's why our forefathers wrote the second amendment, not because muskets were cool.

This is what I think, we need to get rid of every single gun law and restriction, all of them, there is already laws regarding murder and every other crime committed with a gun, why do you need to have laws for the gun? we also need to get back to teaching people gun safety in schools and offer free firearms classes with every gun purchase. you don't need to force gun owners to take gun classes, they buy guns because they want to shoot them and they want to shot them well. yeah sounds crazy, at least, it is if you don't apply the second part. Like I said there is already laws regarding the crimes committed with guns, punishment for these crimes need to be the maximum, the constitution protects people's freedoms when you infringe on somebody else's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness you have forfeited your right. If you murder somebody, you go to jail for the rest of your life or get put to death. If you rob somebody, rape somebody or impose your will in any way at gunpoint then you go to jail for at least two decades. stop filling jails up with stoners and start filling them up with violent people, you stop violence by putting violent people in cages not by making inanimate objects illegal.

This idea only sounds crazy if you listen to politicians from either side, if you actually go do your own research you will see. the first school shooting happened after the first gun law (which was a law to stop black people owning guns, let that sink in for a while) before that the second amendment was working just fine, it can still work, it's not working so well now because despite what the talking heads say, it is no longer intact, people have the right to bear arms on paper only, in reality, it is so restricted that what was once a right now is treated like a privilege. The good guy with a gun is scared he might go to jail if he defends himself or somebody else, Think about it, you have to prove that the person you shot breaking into your house was threatening your is that not protecting the criminal? 

If you don't want to own a gun you don't have to, but understand that a criminal not knowing as to whether your home is protected by somebody that is armed or not actually is what stops a lot of crimes before they even happen. Unfortunately, this is a statistic that can never be measured but common sense should tell you that this is the case. Career criminals treat their craft just like a career, they will limit the risk to themselves for the most reward, risking getting shot for the possibility of a few bucks is not how they operate, this also goes for rapes, muggings and so on. America has the most guns per capita but it is not even in the top ten or the top twenty for most crimes per capita, that should tell you all you need to know.

I started this article with the intention of finding some common ground between gun owners and anti-gun people, unfortunately I can not come up with a compromise because the simple fact of the matter is, people that are anti-gun are only part of this discussion because they live in a country that has freedom of speech and where they are free to choose their path through life, that freedom comes from people's right to keep and bear arms.

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