My God

My God
He's the God your god wishes he was
There are many gods but only one God, I have met the mainstream gods and I'm not impressed.

I was raised catholic, by that I mean my parents decided I was going to be catholic because their parents decided they were catholic. This seems really strange to me now but I guess it is the norm for most people, their god is decided for them. My God does not need an introduction, he don't need forced worship and he REALLY don't need your money. When you are ready to meet him and you are done entertaining the wannabe gods, God your father is ready to talk. 

So what makes my God better than yours other than the capital G? well, for one, he created the lower g gods, they used to be his angels until they decided that they wanted more than was needed for their purpose. this is why these gods all require your worship, your obedience and for some strange reason, your money.........Seriously, what is it you think God needs money for? did the creation of the world, all life and the universe go over budget or something? Do you not find it at all strange that your god requires the exact same level of commitment as the devil requires? The creator of everything, my God, our father existed before people were around to worship, give offerings and serve, he didn't need us for him to exist then and he don't need us now. Only false gods depend on us to continue existing. God is not so insecure he needs to be pampered like some insecure celebrity in order to exist and that's what these false gods are, insecure celebrities that will disappear as soon as you stop giving them attention.

My God, My father and father to all does not take, he gives and he gives freely to anyone that asks and in return he doesn't expect you to wear silly clothes, starve yourself, live your life on your knees. Your father wants for his children what any good father wants, he wants you to be the best you that you can be, to be happy, never be in pain, never be lonely, never to be in doubt, to be strong in mind and body. He didn't give you free will on the condition that you choose to be a slave to his rules. Only weak gods need to control their followers, your father like any good leader does not rely on fear to keep control. And your father does definitely not need you to kill or persecute anyone who has not chosen to follow him, these are still his children and it is their choice given to them in how they choose to use their free will.

I didn't create this site because I felt like I had to, nor because my God requires me to. I created this site as my humble attempt to do something for my father because he has done and continues to do so much for me. there will be no consequence for me if I took the time I have chosen to spend on this site and went fishing, played video games or watched tv. If I asked my father for something that I need he will give me it, expecting nothing in return. just like if my child asked me for something they needed, because that's what fathers do.

Look at your god, how many times has he answered you? how many times has he let you down? how many times has he "worked in mysterious ways"? and how many times have you had to tell yourself god always answers, but the answers is not always yes? do you tell yourself that you are not getting what you ask for because you have been a bad worshiper? do you feel too guilty to ask? are you unworthy of an answer? are you being tested? is your god trying to make you stronger by denying you the things you need? 

Do you think that this god you worship, sacrifice for, give to and are always defending is more like a bad friend than a good god? think about it, if you had a friend that ALWAYS needed something, yet was never around when you needed something, had a bunch of excuses why when you next seen them, how long before you cut them off? yet your god is asking every day and their only promise is they will take care of you after you die.........I don't know about you, but that seems like a pretty shitty deal to me.

Wanna meet my God, your father? it's easy, you will not need to sacrifice a child, or open your checkbook, you don't even have to get on your knees. Here is how you do it, you simply talk to him like you would talk to your father unless you have a really bad relationship with your father in which case; just be respectful. address him as your father and not lord, king of kings, or any other majestic pompous title, remember he doesn't need it, he is above ego. Ask for what you actually need (hint: you don't need a PlayStation 4 or spinning rims). I address my God as my father so I know I'm not talking to some wannabe god, only the real God is the father of all, the rest are just posers with no power but the power you give them. you can ridicule, blaspheme and taunt these false gods all you want without any consequence because they are nothing but weak little manipulators whose only power is to plant destructive seeds in people's minds. Do you actually think the entity that created everything needs you to fight his battles for him?

I know it seems like my God is just a convenient excuse to do and say what I want without having to sacrifice anything but, in reality, I will spend more time thinking about ways to please my God and live a life that would make him proud; not because I have to, but because I want to and that's that difference. I want to please my father because of what he already does for me, not because of what he might do someday if I am really good. If you really think about it, all these rules and restrictions other gods impose on you, are they really benefiting you? are they in any way benefiting the universe? do you think that the creator of everything would really create you just to make you a slave? History is very clear about some things, one of them things is; evil always requires free people to be controlled, good never requires anything.

False gods require faith, a true God does not, Once you start talking to the father of all there is no faith required because he will answer, and the more you talk to him the more he will show you. It's like waking up from a deep sleep, everything is confusing, at first, you're sluggish and you just want to go back to sleep because the reality of the morning is less appeal than your dreams, but the more you embrace the day the clearer things become. It's time to wake up, it's not good to be caught sleeping. 

There are consequences for following false gods, you don't have to take up the father's fight against evil, but if you take the side of evil you will become an enemy of the being that created absolutely everything. I know if I was picking a side, I'd wouldn't want to be on the losing side. Follow the true God, stand beside him or get the hell out of his way. This life is very short and it gets shorter every second, you don't want to move on from this life in the employment of evil, you really don't

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