Too Soon
So unless you've been visiting another planet you will be aware of the SCOTUS's ruling on same-sex marriage. It's sure has made a lot of people happy, especially those that have been prosecuted, denied access to public bathrooms, denied the right to vote, dragged from their country and made to work for free........oh wait, nevermind, that was black people, I forgot gay people were just riding on their coattails. I guess their argument is they should have the right to marry because they can not control who they love because they were born that way.

But were they? 

There has been no actual proof of this, there is not even any definitive evidence to what makes people gay. So you have this thing that we don't know what it is or where it comes from and we are making laws based basically on people's feelings and nobody seems to wonder why? To put this into some perspective. I could go to the doctor tomorrow and they could tell me after doing some tests that I could not naturally father a child since this is the driving force of all humans my logical reaction would be to ask the doctor why? then, how did this happen? and finally, what can I do about it? but for some reason, these questions are not only ignored among the gay community and its supporters, but you will encounter angry disapproval for even asking some of them. 

Not only should these questions be asked by homosexuals, they should also be definitively answered before we make/change laws. If we make or change laws based on somebodies preference then we open doors that will negatively affect a lot of people. a couple of examples of this are the bakers that because of their own beliefs are being forced to do things they don't want to do, also what comes next? there is not a big leap to people trying to change the age of consent because they are in love with somebody below that age (you can't help who you love, right?), these arguments get shot down instantly and ignored without ever being addressed because nobody wants to connect pedophiles with homosexuals and I don't either.......unless of course homosexuality turns out to be just a choice in which case it becomes worse than pedophilia. Pedophiles have no control over their desires, it has been classed as a mental disorder. they do however have control over their actions and a lot of them take some drastic measures to make sure they do not cause harm to a child, physically or mentally.  

It is important for society to once and for all answer these questions, for this generation and every generation to follow:

What is homosexuality?
So far the only answer we have on this is homosexuality is the sexual attraction to people of the same sex as you, however, this does not explain why some male homosexuals take on female characteristics and visa-versa. white males attracted to Asian women don't become Asian, women attracted to buff guys don't start piling on the pounds and so on, It must be more than just an attraction. Are these gay people also transgender? and of so, why are not all transgender people gay? 

Without actually knowing what homosexually is, how can we even begin to accept it as a natural part of the human experience?

Why are there homosexuals?
I know without any doubt why I'm heterosexual, every living creature needs to be able to naturally procreate or it will become extinct. this is accepted by everyone, our society is built around this because it is the driving factor in our lives. we like to pretend we are some higher beings but when you strip everything away our desire to procreate is what defines us. With that being said, homosexuals also have that desire, however, they are attracted to partners that can not naturally produce offspring making their desires (at least on the surface) unnatural. So somewhere in their development something must have happened to warp their desires, whether that be genetic, environmental, nurtured, a mental disorder or maybe it is nature's way of controlling the population without taken away from our desires. 

This is something we need to know as a society and more importantly, homosexuals need to know why they are how they are. nobody should have to go through life without knowing why they are they way they are, they need to know so it will not define their life and they can move on.

What can be done?
This is without a doubt the most inflammatory question on this issue. Nobody wants to believe they are broken or there is something wrong with them, add to that the people that want to promote the notion that gay is natural, ok and everyone that says otherwise is a homophobe. what these people are telling you is basically that nature has decided that your DNA is not needed in the gene pool and it has "naturally" made you gay as a way to stop you breeding. I don't know about you, but if I was gay, I know I wouldn't want to spend my life thinking I was an evolutionary dead end. 

If we can answer the first two questions, then it is our responsibility to find out if anything can be done to give people the opportunity to live a natural life if that is what they want without out any repercussions from society.

It should be clear that I am writing this article with an unshakable belief in the creator. I also believe that the creator does not make mistakes. with that being said. I believe that people live inside meat suits, we are the voice in the head of these meat suits and we are not the meat suit we control. I don't think people in their soul are either homosexual or heterosexual, male or female but our bodies can be, our body's are a result of actions in this world, they can be born broken because of environmental factors and they can become broken by other factors. I also believe everyone has their own burden to deal with, for some it's the desire to be with the same sex, some it is greed, some it is laziness, some its anger and so on. I think society has been corrupted to become a haven for weakness instead of encouraging people over overcome their weaknesses and rising above them,  

In conclusion, this ruling is premature, we needed to first understand what we are dealing with before we push it on society, I understand that something had to be done to address it, but it should have been something along the lines of a civil union to appease a subculture in our society and not laws governing already established principles.    

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