Once upon a time
There's this movie series called Star Wars (you might have heard of it). At the start of every movie you'll see the words "A long time ago in a galaxy far away.....". It's based in this complex fictional universe with fantastic characters, technologies and magic forces all of which could not exist and defy all logic. because of the popularity of the movies an extended universe was created for people to explore in the shape of books, websites, fan fiction and spin off shows. This fictional extended universe of knowledge serves the purpose of filling in the story holes and explaining the science behind everything you see on the big screen. It works. for almost 40 years the fan base has continued to grow and the story is as strong as ever, so much so that the fans don't really even need more movies to continue being fans. 

You might ask what does this have to do with evolution? Well like Star Wars, they are both made up stories that defy logic with extended universes to fill in the plot holes, Only difference is, one is taught as fact and the other we know is fiction (well most of us, some super fans really might believe they are related to Vader).

The story of evolution.

A long time ago this planet was nothing but a malting rock in space. Some time in the small window of 65 million years ago and 4.6 million years ago water came to the earth by a comet. once the earth had cooled enough then this water started to evaporate, form clouds and fall as rain in the process that we know today as the water cycle. Over a few million years this water would mix with the rocks and form pools of muddy water known as the Primordial Soup. This soup hung around for a while until it was exposed to some sort of energy, probably a lighting strike and voila, our common ancestor.

So needless to say our common ancestor was very basic, after going through a few more stages these monomers become single cell organisms and these organisms self replicated creating competition so eventually they had to evolve to become multiple cell organisms in order to survive and thus the process of evolution began. 

As competition for resources increased these organisms had to continue to become more and more complex in order to survive. some evolved ways to leave the soup while others would evolve to dominate the soup. with each new environment came new competition and challenges for these organisms to adapt to. These organisms eventually became dinosaurs but they all got killing in some catastrophic event that left only small creatures and whatever they were eating. They rebooted the process for a few million years until today where we have all kinds of life including bacteria, plants, insects, reptiles, mammals, birds and so on.

This is a very simplistic explanation leaving out the millions of variations of organic life and all the mind boggling complex internal mechanisms that would have had to evolve within every living organism from bacteria to humans to make this theory possible. There is enough unanswered plot holes here to at least start a conversation with any person with an open mind.

Plot holes.

The apparent proof of evolution is we all come from one common ancestor and there is many fancy diagrams illustration this. this common ancestor came from that one pool of water that got struck by lighting. So in this time period of billions of years these same conditions did not happen in another pool creating a different ancestor with its own descendants? that don't seem very likely.

Why did this ancestor even bother to evolve? it was obviously in the perfect environment, it had no competition and any catastrophic changes to its environment would have just killed all the life.

Why does the evolution process take so long? it seems like if evolution is a process in which life needed to adapt to situations, then having a process that takes millions or billions of years would be very ineffective and would most definitely cause the destruction of that variation before it had a chance to evolve.

Why did organisms evolve into complex life forms that depend on symbiotic relationships with other life forms in which to survive whether that be hosts to other life forms or using other lifeforms as food evolving to be depending is a step backward, not forward.

How come dinosaurs never came back? they evolved for a reason. seems very convenient to have them all just vanish at the same time.

Why is all life on this planet not uniquely different? All life is a mass of cells, where do these cells get their orders from and what is generating these orders and why? 

Why has this explosion of life not happened multiple times? the earth is between six thousand and six billion years old (depending on who you ask) In that time there has only been one random life creating event on a planet that seems to be perfect for life? That is very hard to believe, this is a great story, very entertaining but just like star wars it is not very probable.

Every time this theory is questioned the answer always seems to come from the expanded universe. literally new science is created just to defend a theory. This is very evident when you talk about the timeline. when presenting specimens they age these fossils based on their position in the water table, they know the age of each area in the water table based on the fossils that are found there, think about that for a second. then carbon dating, a process that only works on things that are really old but does not work on anything new so there is no real way to test the accuracy. Basically everything that is used to prove this theory comes from another unproven theory. 

Not believing this story is not my lack of understanding of science. I don't believe this because of the lack of science that is actually involved in this theory. The theory of evolution is atheists answer to where we come from not science. If science was really doing its Job, it wouldn't be going out of its way to to prove the nonexistence of a creator but instead including that possibility in its study until that possibility can be eliminated.

Also interesting to note, all the people involved in formulating this theory did so with the intention of proving that one race was more superior (more evolved) than another and was also one of the philosophies of Hitler during world war 2. The title or Darwin's book was On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life......which "Favoured Race" do you think he was referring to?

The more you look into the origin of life the more a creator makes sense. There is many sources out there to further look into this debunked theory, some good, some not so good and some downright insane.

My personal theory is (And this is just my theory based on my perspective):

There was no beginning to this earth, or the universe. The universe is just one big self replicating system that is endlessly transforming, it always has and always will. the question as to where did the universe come from will infinitely create the follow up question "where did that come from" so since that question does not have an answer then the question is not valid. it's like dividing 10 by 3 the answer is infinite so the question is invalid. The universe has always existed, not only has it always existed there is no end to it. the universe is eternal and infinite. The reason why all our theories and explanations will always have holes is because the question is invalid. 

We know energy can not be created or destroyed it can only change form, so we know that infinity is a reality. once we apply this same thinking to the universe then we can open the door to other infinite and eternal entities namely a creator. Yes, I think there is an all powerful eternal entity that has control over every element. I don't believe this because any religion told me, I believe this because i've lived long enough to know that every system has some sort of element that controls it. If it happens in computers, cell phone, cars, buildings, countries, humans and so on it makes zero sense to think that in don't happen in a system as big as the universe and a system that big would require a pretty large and powerful controller.

This planet was formless, meaning it was like every planet in our solar system, barren and lifeless. What we think of as life exists on this planet because the controller wanted it to and I think it happened all at once, not over millions of years. birds, dogs, cats, lizards, insects and so on were formed here at the same time each with the ability to adapt to its ever changing environment. These adaptation happen in relatively short times, over a couple of generations or in some instance within the same generation. this is observable, if a domestic dog gets released into the wild it will only take a couple of generations before it resembles a wolf, If a pig gets released into the wild it will start to resemble a boar within its current generation. Animals adapt and change drastically all the time and the is observable. 

There is an all powerful controller there is also other entities beneath this controller that our basically working against the controllers and his work. We see this in other systems too, computers have viruses, humans and animals have diseases and so on. I think these lower entities messed with the creation cross breeding animals and humans creating abominations so the controller did what any system operator would do, he saved his work and whipped the system. This catastrophic event that killed the dinosaurs was the flood that has lots of evidence to support. People think that there is a lot of fossils that support a population of dinosaurs that ruled the entire planet, there's not, there is surprisingly very few examples. There is even less fossils that support the evolution of man. 

This is a lot more believable than we randomly evolved from a rock by chance. Seriously? that's believable? You realize if we ever got off this planet and explored other galaxies at some point a child is going to ask where we come from and they are going to be told "A long time ago in a galaxy far away......."

you know the music is playing in your head right now, don't pretend it isn't. 

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