The infection of perfection
People think of evil as some outside force that corrupts mankind, when in reality we are the catalysts of evil and without us there would be no evil. Just like good, evil has always existed and always will. 

Our perception of evil (regardless of what your belief system is) has always been the disgusting, vile, putrid and scary. as our culture progresses this perception gets more and more twisted and the vile, disgusting becomes more and more accepted, even embraced. This is by design. our perception of evil must be corrupted for us to accept it.

Evil is not disgusting, it is vain and shallow and needs to be accepted to have any power, it's beautiful. when you see true evil you will be in awe of its magnificence, otherwise, why would you accept it, strive to be like it and defend it so vigorously? 

Evils purpose is to turn our hearts and our minds. up becomes down, black becomes white, beauty become vile and vile becomes beautiful. We are already there, look at what women and men have become in the pursuit of beauty, they are unrecognizable as human anymore. We no longer see natural as beautiful, there is men and women in your life that you would not recognize without the disguise that they wear every day.  

Just like we no longer recognize what God created, we also do not recognize evil, we used to, we saw something and we could compare it to what is good and it came up lacking. Now you can't spot evil anymore because there is nothing of what God created left for us to compare it to. The water is polluted, as is the air, the soil and all the animals, our bodies are riddled with deformities to the point where it is almost impossible to live a long natural life without some sort of human intervention.

We let this happen, we made this happen and we go out of our way every day to continue destroying what God created, this is the purpose of evil and evil is winning.

Evil is not a just a consequence of our actions, it is an organic living force. this level of existence requires opposite forces constantly pushing on each other to create form, what is formed is determined by whichever force becomes dominant, valleys are created by the stronger force of water, steam is created by the stronger force of fire, fear is created by the stronger force of doubt and so on. every object around you has been formed by some sort of stronger opposing force (or multiple opposing forces). Evil is just another one of them forces and the less resistance it comes across the stronger it gets.

Every time we surrender to our desires and doubts we strengthen the evil inside us and we weaken whatever good we have in us, which is not very much. we like to believe we are good and we are living a life that God intended, but the fact of the matter is; every single day we destroy, manipulate, deform and hide what God created because we have been manipulated into thinking we can do better than him.

People believe eating pork, not going to church on Sunday, cussing, not being politically correct, murder, stealing, lying and so on are the sins we worry about when really these are meaningless for the most part. living and promoting an unnatural existence, trusting science over what God created, letting somebody else do your thinking for you, focusing on worldly meaningless endeavors and anything else that is outside of what God created for us is infinitely more damaging to you and the future of mankind.

The average person living in the western world's life is as follows;
  • Get woken up by a device 
  • Go eat some unnatural genetically/chemically modified food
  • Get in a shower and cover yourself in chemicals
  • Drive vehicle fueled by dead things to a company owned by somebody else
  • Spend the next 8-10 hours sitting in an office, selling something people don't need, creating things people don't need, promoting things that people don't need or transporting people to places they don't need go go
  • At a lunch time that has been designated for you, you will either eat some more genetically/chemically modified food or drive your vehicle powered by the dead to a place where you can run on the spot or lift objects in unnatural ways to make your body look a way that does not fit your lifestyle
  • Once you have put in your 8-10 hours you will again drive your vehicle powered by the dead to either a place to eat some more genetically/chemically modified food or go to your private resident where only you and people you approve of can live
  • To end of the day, you will either modify your appearance and go to a place where other people have been designated to meet and perform approved mating rituals in the hopes of breeding or you will sit on your butt some more and be programmed via tv/music/books 
  • Time for bed, maybe some more chemicals on your skin and in your mouth.
 All the above, EVIL!

There is probably less than 1% of the average person's day that is not in some way shape or form influenced by evil, This is why evil is winning and that 1% of good that is in people's day is probably only allowed to exist because like I said, everything needs an opposing force.

You might wonder why God allows evil to be so successful. I know I used to, it is one of them questions designed to make you doubt the existence of God. The answer is really not that complex, we have free will, we choose to do all these things and God respects the free will he gave us. God did not create slaves and unlike evil, he does not require us for him to exist. That free will extends to our offspring and their offspring, so before you blame God for your child being born with cancer you might want to look at yours or your parents actions. Anything evil is created by man's actions because God gave us free will these consequences are ours to deal with. 

Evils only purpose is to destroy deform what the father has created either because it thinks it can do a better job or because of spite and every time we participate in that destruction, promote it or defend it we are serving evil. 

What can you do the fight evil? well, you got to put the balance back on the side of good. Live a more natural life rather than a worldly life. Instead of regurgitating your programming, think for yourself and share them thoughts with others. Talk to the people that have migrated to the same area as you i.e. your neighbors. Look the way you were created and be proud of it, you were created by God and the people that have an issue with it are corrupted by evil. The more you live a natural life the better witness you will be and through that witness, other people will follow. will you lose friends? of course you will, evil does not like to be put in the light, but it is better to be alone than surrounded by wolves. Do you really want to exit this existence with your soul on the side of evil just because you wanted to fit into a manufactured reality? I know I don't. 

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