Captain America Civil War

  • By aga
  • 12 May, 2016

AKA Gun control 

Firstly, I love everything Marvel, Movies, TV shows, even comics. I also loved this movie, how could you not? It's got all your favorite superheroes kicking each other's butts and it looks awesome. The little boy in me was giddy for 2.5 hours but inevitable that pesky adult wakes up right after the closing credits and my over active mind kicks in.

Even although I highly enjoyed this movie and every other superhero movie (even batman vs superman) I can't help but notice how there seems to be a themed message running through all these movies, regardless of what studio they come from. This may be propaganda, mind control via Operation Mockingbird, art imitating life, life imitating art, universal collective consciousness or just coincidental. Whatever it is, clearly there is more to this than just entertainment, but that's a conversation for another day...let us not forget that the source material for these movies, comics, have historically been used as a tool of influence since World War 2.

What you notice in these movies is how helpless ordinary people are, unless you possess god-like powers, have been trained and programmed all your life to be a super killer, rich or a member of a some secret government militarized force, you are going to be portrayed as a sniveling mess of atoms that only exist to be cannon fodder. In the world or superheroes and supervillains, people are just weak, uneducated fools that must be protected by their overlords because they lack the intelligence and strength to protect themselves from the events that are usually caused by the entities that have taken it upon themselves to rule them.

The material that used to inspire us to be better than the sum of our parts, to become heroes, to fight for what we believe and to protect the weak now tells us we are not strong/smart enough to have any control of ourselves and we should let people better than us handle everything.

Something else I keep noticing in these movies is how they keep dropping real world events that are typically seen as conspiracy theories. in the last captain America movie, the winter soldier they had MKultra mind control, project paperclip, secret societies working within the government and the main plot of the movie was creating a system that would eliminate criminals before they were able to commit the crime. All these things are actually real-world things and can be researched very easy without having to go to the tinfoil hat wearing blogs, One would think that this stuff is getting embedded into movies and media so if regular people come across it, they will just associate it with entertainment.

Captain America Civil War, great movie. The action is everything you want it to be, some comedy thrown in and some drama, I personally would like to have seen a little more drama given the seriousness of the event but this didn't get in the way of my enjoyment.

Civil war is based on the 2006 comic of the same name. In the original comic version of the story, A few superheroes were making a reality TV show chasing down supervillains in the town of Stamford, Connecticut, when it all goes wrong 60 children end up dead prompting the call for all superheroes to register their powers and be controlled by the government. This mirrors the events of real-world Sandyhook incident of 2012 which prompted the latest attempt to have all guns(powers) registered and controlled by the government, a lot of people even believe this was a staged event, like a reality TV show, Its probably just a coincidence that Sandyhook school is only 33 miles away from fictional location.

The movie version has the avengers doing some good deed in another country which goes wrong and instead of hundreds getting killed, the people with powers were able to reduce the casualties, this did not matter and there were calls for a registration and government control. After some debate between the main heroes Mr logic (who's not even human) chimes in and sides with the government. So now you have two sides, pro-government control, and pro-freedom.

They go their separate ways only to find out that not registering their powers or agreeing to retire instantly makes them criminals, kinda like when you make laws to regulate people's right to bear arms, you make criminals out of innocent people.

Time for the false flag event orchestrated by somebody working within the government which is used to divide the super friends more. Remember the MKultra survivor from the winter soldier? well, he is framed for killing the dad of some super-rich guy that likes to dress as a cat and is now public enemy number one. Since his buddy is the leader of the pro-freedom side there now becomes this situation where the pro-freedom guys prove how much they can not be trusted with their powers as they go on a destructive out-of-control rampage around the world causing massive property damage and no doubt putting the lives of innocent cannon fodder in danger.

You couldn't just have the pro-freedom guys just standing up for their rights to be responsible for their own actions, that would draw sympathy. Captain "America" had to be using his powers for a really dumb reason, just to prove how people can not be trusted with their own power. Seriously, Bucky at the very least needed to be locked in some hospital until they could fix him, he literally could be triggered to go on a murderous rampage by watching a Russian spelling bee contest.

On to the airport scene, which was probably the best 30 minutes ever to be on the big screen, everyone kicked butt and got their butt kicked, my inner child loved over active adult brain was comparing it to the Bundy/Feds standoff where both sides had guns and the only thing that separated them was one side was following orders and the other was standing up for their rights. After the fight, the leader of the pro-freedom group abandons his allies who all end up in jail so he can go off and cause some more trouble elsewhere.

The rest of the movie leads up to the final fight between government and freedom. The leader of the pro-government group, who at this point knew that the leader of the pro-freedoms groups friend was framed and has been used as a Manchurian candidate, gets the news that his parents were killed by the mind controlled pawn and then proceeds in beating both their butts, proving that government is stronger than freedom...he did, however, get blindsided at the end and freedom moves to Africa, a place known for its freedom. Cat dude who was also on a rampage the whole movie finally got what he wanted and instead of killing the guy behind the whole mess decided to let justice take its course.

Overall id gives the movie 9 for action, 7 for story and 11 for propaganda. I really don't mind propaganda, as long as it is entertaining, which this movie really is.
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