Black History Month

  • By aga
  • 05 Feb, 2016

Otherwise know as history

It's that time of year again where we get a whole month to be reminded of the atrocities our forefathers imposed on the black race and to celebrate the achievements of this race despite the extra weight they carried.

It is important that every year for an entire month we are reminded that black slavery was a thing in America, It is somehow also important that we forget about the Irish slaves (about 30,000) or Asain slaves or native American slaves who were made slaves in their own land. We must also forget that 30 million slaves that exist in the world today (this is double the combined amount of slaves that existed in all of American history)

We need to focus on the evil white slave owners that enslaved a race of people, forgetting of course that some of these slave owners were black, in fact, the first person to legally own a slave in the US was black. Anthony Johnson who was a slave himself. yeah, lets forget about that.

Black history month is not just about slavery and racism, it is also about celebrating the accomplishments of black Americans. here is a list of 101 things that are considered accomplishments It is a list of the first black person to, its a good list, it serves to remind black people that it's a big deal if they become for example a supreme court justice or a U.S. ambassador. Here is another list or black inventors and scientists that will be praised during this month of black history

These lists are nice but to me and maybe it's just me, they are a little condescending........Ok, they are very condescending. Being black is not a handicap, it's a skin-tone. the color of these peoples skin had no positive or negative influence on their accomplishments. All these lists do is contribute to a mindset that black people are "less than". Your skin color does not determine your worth, your actions or inactions do.

Who really benefits from black history month?

That's easy to answer, the same people that think it is ok to enslave people and keep them down (regardless of skin color) are the same people that take pleasure in reminding groups of their losses and patronizing them for any achievements. It's like all the other football teams taking a month out of the year to remind one team about how many times they didn't win the super bowl even though they have a few good players. It keeps that one team down, even the years when they win they will believe it was somehow a bigger deal because they are not as good.

There is no such thing as:
  • Black slavery, there is just slavery,
  • Black History, there is just history,
  • Black accomplishments, there is just human accomplishment and
  • Black failures, there is just failures.

With black history, black people invented the traffic light, with history, black people walked on the moon with the rest of us.
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