Big Button

Big Red Button
So you ever see them cartoons where there is a big red button with a sign that says "DO NOT PRESS!"? Yeah science is like that.

Nobody would disagree that without humans on this planet there would be no problems, whether you believe this world was created or just the result of chance; everything functioned flawlessly, perfect life given ecosystem. when an animal is thirsty it will go to a lake and drink some clean water, when it is hungry it will eat some plants allowing new plants to go or eat another animal, usually the slower, older weaker animal which would allow the younger stronger animals to breed. everything worked. 

Even with humans, everything worked for longer than it hasn't. People used to function the same as all the other animals and were a vital part of that ecosystem, until they got lazy that is.

Along came science with its big red button. people didn't want to hunt for their food, they wanted to keep there food close so they built fences to keep it in, they didn't want to search for vegetables so they swept the land clean and grow their own. with all this extra time they had on their hands they had more children, which need more food so more of the ecosystem was thrown out of balance. so instead of people teaching their children to hunt, they taught them to farm. 

Few of decades on and people get lazy again and don't want to grow all their food themselves so they focus on growing one type and barter with somebody that grows another type messing up the ecosystem more. because you have to deal with people now in a civilized manner you want to look your best, or more important than you actually are so you barter with other people to make you clothes. creating your own equipment gets tiresome to so, yep we get somebody to do that to. meanwhile the ecosystem is suffering, we grow more than we need to meet demand and we no longer migrate to allow the areas we clear to replenish all while having more and more children. 

This don't sound like science to most, but it is the origin of it, now that big red button has been pressed once or twice let just keep tapping on it like we are banging out the complete words of Shakespeare in Morse code. move forward a couple of millennium. where are we now? still lazy, still destroying creation and still finding ways to "improve" on perfection. 

Every time we hit that button something breaks, every time, without exception. there has yet to be a so called advance where the side effects are not twice as harmful as the solution they were trying to come up with. The only thing that has changed is there is two area of science now; one area to "improve" upon what was already perfect and the other area focuses on trying to fix what we broke. 

Man was not meant to be a dormant drone just toiling over its little corner of life, he was meant to live his life to the fullest and contemplate his existence, grow from that experience and move on to the next level, better than the sum of his parts. Instead man has become a slave to his "improved" life, working meaningless jobs to support the things that were suppose to make his life easier. Think about it, the average phone bill is about 80 bucks. that's about 3-4 hours work for most people, 3-4 hours work in order to keep a device that saves you about 3-4 hours of time. you (and me) are a slave to things you don't need and right now somebody is hitting that big red button to improve our lives again with more unknown consequences.

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