BET/BMAs Boycott 

  • By aga
  • 22 Jan, 2016
The media has been abuzz with the recent announcement of some select celebrities boycott of the upcoming BET and BMA awards. it seems that they are not happy with the lack of white nominations.

You didn't hear about that? Yeah, that's because it would be ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as boycotting the Oscars.

There is a real problem in today's society where every issue gets reduced down to race. It is conceivable to think that maybe no black actors stood out this year. No, that can't be it, it must be because of racism.

It doesn't matter that black people have been represented at the Oscars since Hattie McDaniel won the best actress in a supporting role in 1939 (16 years before Rosa Parks decided she was not going to sit at the back of the bus). It also doesn't matter that 20 black actors have been nominated for best actor in a leading role since 1958 and have won 4 times. It doesn't even matter that 6 times since 1948 black people have received special awards, as recent as 2015.

None of that matters, all that matter is this year no black actors have been nominated for best actor/actress.......

At what point do people start pointing out the hypocrisy of these here? White people literally have no awards just for white people, none, zero. you can't count the Klan's annual best hood award because it don't fucking exist! Every other race on the face of this planet has awards that are only for people of their race.

This is not racism, racism is when you have awards JUST FOR YOUR RACE!!!
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