About DEUSnexu

About DEUSnexu

DEUSnexu is a collection of writings on various subjects, including God, religion, politics, science, and stuff that just don't fit into any other category. 

This site only exists because I really need sleep, if I don't get this stuff out of my head and onto this site, there is a real chance I may lose my mind. I can't tell you if the content on these pages is from some universal consciousness, divine inspiration or the ramblings of a fool. All I am sure about is these words need to get out of my head so the sheep stop tripping on them and I get some sleep.

Take what you need, leave the rest.

About the Author 

I am nobody, I've done some great things in my life and I've done some REALLY mundane things (mostly mundane). I've had some adventures, raised some kids, had some jobs, been motivated, been lazy, tried to do more good than bad, succeeded and failed, loved and hated.........I'm you, at least, I'm no more or less important than you. 

I have no qualifications related to these articles other than being a human and living in this world. this does not mean my words means nothing, what that means is maybe my words have not been corrupted by and scientific, religious or political dogma. 

My identity has nothing to do with the words on this site. I am not writing these articles for recognition, I'm writing these articles because every fiber in my being feels like they need to exist somewhere other than my head.

I welcome criticism, questions and feedback (good or bad) contact me directly via my contact page or engage me in the comments section of any of the articles on this site, I will answer.
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