Clean human sacrifice 
Today 125,000 women choose to terminate the parasite that was growing inside their bodies and tomorrow 125,000 more will make the same "CHOICE", now they are free from the responsibility of motherhood and worrying about who is going to provide for the baby they almost created. Unfortunately, because of religious fanatics and backward thinkers, it is not legal everywhere and other places women are subjected to nutty restrictions and roadblocks that make the process unnecessarily tiresome. Some of these poor women are being made to wait a full 72 hours or have to listen to the abortion provider refer to the parasite as a life and others have to travel for over an hour to get to the nearest abortion clinic. 

Imagine if all these children were actually born, that's over a million new people a week that would be using up the world's depleting resources. it doesn't matter that 350,000,000 die every week, one million is still a lot of people. 

It is hard to understand why these white and obviously racists (because they are white) conservatives are so against abortion considering out of every 1000 white women only 20 of them will have an abortion and these women are 8 times more likely to be liberals, compared to 60+ out of every 1000 that are black women, it's win, win for racists. Maybe these religious racists just don't want to pay to raise these black or liberal children, it's like they think people should be responsible for their own actions. If they cared so much they should adopt all these unwanted children so these poor, black liberal women can get on with what's important in life.

Yeah, that's a pro-choicer's actually thought process. 

To understand the abortion issue, you have to actually understand first where it originated and it's purpose. Planned parenthood (strange name for an organization that stops 100,000 women per day from being parents, but whatever) was the evolution of the birth control clinic Margaret Sanger open in 1916 at 46 Amboy street, Brooklyn, a predominately black neighborhood. Maybe she was really concerned about black women's rights or given that she's has been quoted saying "Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.", “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”,"They are…human weeds, reckless breeders, spawning… human beings who never should have been born.”, and much, much more this Sanger girl was a bit of a racist. But that was the past, I'm sure Planned parenthood has moved on from its dark past. I'm sure it's not relevant that 78% of planned parenthood clinics are located in minority neighborhoods maybe minorities are 80% more likely to terminate their children than white people because they are more fertile.

The dehumanizing aspects of abortion don't stop with race, Almost all the pro-choicers arguments are dehumanizing in some shape or form. Pro-choicers refer to babies using terms that are meant to sound less human:
  •  fetuses - which is a stage of human development and not something that is separate from human
  • A mass of cells - which all humans are, we are all a mass of cells. Babies have a few cells at the beginning the multiply over and over again and don't stop until the day we die
  • Parasites - A parasite is anything that needs nutrients from a host, all humans are parasites as we get nutrients from this planet
If the origin of abortion is an attempt at genocide and the current narrative is dehumanizing the event then it is logical to assume that the final outcome is not going to be something pleasant. 

What causes people to put their life into something that is so damaging to humanity? it can't be simple racism, everyone falls into the current category of racist in the sense that we are all naturally mistrusting or wary of anything different than us, that's just natural, part of being human is overcoming our natural urges and thinking in order to become better than the sum of our parts. Even people that embrace their racist side will not make it their life's work to exterminate an entire race unless they are being driven by pure evil. for the purpose of this article, it does not matter if you believe in evil or not, all that matters is you understand the people that are and have devoted their life to killing well over 1 billion babies absolutely believe in what they are doing, why they are doing it and who they are doing it for. 

Aborted babies are a human sacrifice to the elites (and who/whatever they believe they serve) They are not just happy with killing babies, they also want you to consume these babies, you just have to search the internet for stories of food manufacturers with what they have deemed an acceptable level of fetus tissue in their food. There are even hospitals that put these murdered babies in the furnace to heat the hospital. 

You can tell a tree by its fruit, the fruits of the abortion tree are nothing but death, torture, and human sacrifice and I will say this again because people have been programmed to turn off when they hear anything outside of their beliefs. It does not matter what you believe, what matters is what they believe.  

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