Kim Davis

  • By aga
  • 29 Jun, 2015

Please shut up

Please shut up

So, I don't agree with same-sex marriage, not for any religious reasons and not because I have anything against gay people, they are just people with different sexual preferences than me and I'm sure my bedroom activities would probably shock them more than theirs shocks me. That being said Kim Davis's "moral stand" is nothing but hate disguised as belief.

This woman's claim that her belief prohibits her from doing her job does not trump people's legal rights, this battle is already over and the people that disagree with same-sex marriage (me included) lost. It is really that simple.

Morals do not exist in government, nor should they. Morals do not exist in law and they shouldn't exist there either. Laws represent the will of the people (well, they are supposed to at least) and in this case, the will of the people was that they want same-sex marriage.

Her job is basically administrating the will of the people that has been decided in our legal system, it should be noted that our legal system does not go to church every Sunday and the only higher power it answers to is the people. As a person, Kim Davis should have every right to voice her views as a representative of our legal system she has two choices;
  1. Do her job and shut the hell up or,
  2. Quit the job which forces her to go against her beliefs 
People have the right (even under the religion that she claims to be defending) to choose their sins. You have the right to voice your views or even better, you can testify by living a clean healthy life that glorifies your creator. A life which people will be drawn to and will want to emulate.

Kim Davis's intention might have been to send a message that not everyone is pro same-sex marriage.........It might have been. however, what she has actually done is shine a big spotlight on her past marriages and came out looking like a total hypocrite and thus making anyone else that takes the same kind of stand a little less legit because they are in the same group as her.
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