Cecil The lion

  • By aga
  • 01 Aug, 2015

Everyones favorite lion that nobody ever heard of

So Cecil is dead and the whole world is mourning. He will leave a big hole in our lives, but we will always have the memories of that time he.......oh wait, maybe that time, he, no........OK, what the fuck was this cat famous for again? seems to me he is only famous for dying.

So what is the big deal?

From news stories this lion was apparently lured from his habitat by a dentist, shot with a bow/crossbow/spare or whatever, then tracked for 40 hours, finished with a bullet beheaded and skinned (probably with a really blunt dentist tool). All very horrifying stuff........if you live with your head in the clouds anyway.

So the lion was lured into the open, that sounds fishy, right? unless you realize that most ethical hunters will lure animals into the open to get a clear shot so they can kill the animal clean and not cause it undue suffering. this happens more so with a bow or crossbow because unlike a high powered rifle a bow or crossbow will lose kinetic energy over a shorter distance. so maybe the luring part of the story is not that outrageous, what about the beheading and skinning aka processing the kill. It sounds really brutal to anyone that gets their meat from Safeway but to the people that get their own food, this is what you do, since the big bad dentist was a trophy hunter who paid 50k for that trophy, the head and skin are his to do what he wants with.

The 50k was paid for permits to hunt, that means he was going to kill a lion no matter what, the lion he happened to kill was our friend Cecil who we all never knew but loved. is this dentist wrong, he probably did something wrong, at the very least he picked some shady guides at the most he deliberately went to Africa to kill this lion and hired people that would make this happen, however I am not sure that's the case, mainly because 50k seems rather cheap for that type of experience, especially when you consider the risks to the guides who can make upwards of 100k a day on the right legal hunt would be taken.

So what is the real issue here, that answer is very simple, people don't like hunters killing animals they think are cute. being humane is very different from being human. Humans are a vital part of the ecosystem, as the apex predator, it is our responsibility to cull the herd just like it is the lions responsibility to control the population of the animals on its menu and so on down the food chain. We must kill the older predators so the younger, more virile predators can replace them.

Cecil was 13 years old, that is old for a lion every year past his peak breeding age that lion lived meant the females in his pride would be missing opportunities to breed with younger more virile lions.

Maybe Cecil's death can remind us that we need to be more human and less humane. if we stop protecting these animals nature will take its course.
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