Black Thugs Matter

  • By aga
  • 15 Apr, 2016

Black Thugs Matter

What was once probably a worthy cause has now turned into a joke in which nobody is laughing. Every time this movement protests the death of an armed criminal while ignoring the deaths of every single person caught in the crossfire of gang violence they destroy a chunk of their legitimacy.

If you point an illegal firearm at somebody that is carrying a legal firearm, you're gonna get shot, it's that simple. The color of the guys skin and the fact this guy was a cop has zero relevance.

It seems this movement is no longer about justice. To anyone observing with half a brain, this movement seems like it is more about eliminating the consequence of your actions. Apparently justice for this movement is not to have everyone on even footing but to have black people who have suffered in the past get a free pass for current crimes.

That's not justice, that's revenge.

Black lives do matter, but it really seems like they don't matter to the black lives matter movement. If they did, instead of destroying their neighborhoods they would be organizing to clean them up, run out the drug dealers and gangs. They would be making their neighborhoods business friendly to bring in jobs and if they are lucky enough to go to college, they would be using that opportunity to get an education and not to organize demonstrations. Seriously, you think future employers are fighting over who gets to employ the activist?

All this movement does is highlight antisocial behavior. If you want to protest something, how about protesting how every election cycle you get promised the exact same things which are never delivered. These people are your real enemies and their careers rely on your focus being in the wrong place.
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