2016 Oscars

  • By aga
  • 01 Mar, 2016


Last night we were treated to the live 2016 progressive convention, also known as the Oscars. This is a hugely important event, or at least, the media portrays it that way. Basically, a group of celebrities get gold-colored statues for being able to remember their lines and finding their mark during shooting. Apparently the millions of dollars in paychecks didn't quite cover it.

So, let's start with who won. Nah, fuck that! I would have to try really hard to care less. Besides, there are only 3 awards that anyone gives a shit about and I guarntee you already know who won them.

I'm going to focus on what's important. The host's speeches and the acceptance speeches.

Let's start with the black guy that got paid to be the main face of this year's Oscars. The guy that got the most screen time, which he desperately needs being on the downside of his career, spent that time talking about how black people need to be included more and made some racist jokes about Asians. Then we have Joe Biden, his speech about sexual abuse... Isn't this guy always being accused of inappropriate sexual conduct? Finally, there was good old private jet flying, SUV-driving, private yacht sailing, Leo lecturing us about climate change while picking up paychecks from an unnecessary industry that has an unnecessary worldwide carbon footprint.

Maybe I just didn't get it. Maybe it was all supposed to be a comedy sketch. If that was the case, I think they should have upped their game some. They could have had Bill Cosby discussing the dangers of alcohol, some contraceptive advice from Charley Sheen and maybe finish with Berney Sander's explanation of common core.

I suspect this may not have been the case. I have come to the conclusion that people these days really do have zero self-awareness and actually believe the shit they are shoveling. It is also interesting to note that the word 'hypocrite' comes from the greek word hypokrisis which literally means actor. Maybe it's not their fault. Maybe it is just a job requirement of the rich, powerful and entitled to not practice what they endlessly preach. Or maybe we can just stop giving so much attention to the people that clearly know the least.
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